What You've Done To Me

Oh, the wonders of this world
Make me feel so small
When I look up to the sky
The trees tower so tall.

Maybe, then, won’t the world
Being so grand as it is,
Have problems greater than mine?
More serious than this?

‘Cause now I’m feeling so alone
In a world so big and vast.
I know not why this troubles me-
But no happiness will last.

Oh, how I want these tears to come,
But somehow come they won’t.
I try to cry and let it out
And yet still, cry I don’t.

This pain won’t leave, won’t let me free
My heart- O, how it hurts!
These thoughts of you won’t let me be,
And still that’s not the worst.

All the things I did for you-
How could you ignore?
You took my heart, but now it’s washed
Upon a lonely shore.

With my heart on my sleeve,
and my head in the clouds,
You left me alone, and
I’m lost in the crowd.

They warned me against you-
I gave you a chance.
But I’ve sung my last love song
I’ve danced my last dance.

I sit all alone now
And wish I could cry.
But my mind- it won’t let me;
And I think I know why.

And so now, the answer:
This pain is not real.
My mind is just telling
My heart what to feel.

‘Cause now if I think-
And thinking I am-
I’ve lost next to nothing
By not holding your hand.

So maybe it’s good
I can’t cry over you.
And maybe it’s best
That I bid you adieu.

All our laughs and good times spent
Will surely fade away,
For with every page that’s slowly turned
Comes a brand new day.

I wish you could stay a part of my world-
What a wonderful part you were!
But I see the happiness you get
Whenever you’re with her.

So go, have fun, enjoy your life.
Just get away from me!
For now I just want nothing more
Than alone and left to be.

I’ll go on eventually.
I’ll put on my mask.
That smile that lies
With every look cast.

And so we move on.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this a while ago and didn't post it, but I think I like it now, even if it is a bit long.

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Fitzgerald's picture

Great poem. Oh and no such

Great poem. Oh and no such thing as too long! You can't put length on poetry if it is coming from your soul.

dancergirlrox's picture


Thanks so much! And haha yep, I suppose it's true :)

Fitzgerald's picture

Of course. At least you're

Of course. At least you're capable of writing long poems. My brain runs off if I try to write long lol

dancergirlrox's picture

Haha well like you said,

Haha well like you said, whatever comes to you :)