Fresh are the Flowers


Fresh Are the Flowers


Fresh are the flowers,

misted bouquet from morning dew

Your blossoming splendor,

holds in awe those spying you


Sweet roses of crimson,

grandeur trellised toward the sky

With lattice holding them aloft,

their beauty brings a sigh


Beckoning, they softy whisper,

shared sweetness for one adored

Presented gift before star lit eyes,

a silken petaled - treasure’s hoard


Fresh are the flowers,

twining cluster along trod path

A rainbow of mingled array,

among them,  kneeling to task


Gently gathered - one by one,

each due my patient care

Arranged in bundled neatness,

I'm off to you know where


Fresh are the flowers,

clutched bouquet to give away

A present for a lady so fair,

with hopes she’ll ask me to stay


An aromatic assortment,

a garnered beauty to view

Fresh are the flowers,

but they'll never compare to you


© C.E. Vance




Author's Notes/Comments: 

Just another handful of words. It's all I have.

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Fresh Are The Flowers:



A lovely poem, so romantic and enchanting; are these lines you have put together and created about a fair ladies suitor. I dearly hope they live happily ever after. Your word usage is certainly a gift, I was thoroughly lost in your poem when reading it. I found your creativity in this poem thrilling to read.

cevance's picture

Thank you for such nice

Thank you for such nice commentary.


This work is that which I imagine romantic captivation should consist of. I like sweet sentiments. Perhaps I'm just a bit old fashioned. Also, I'm sure the romance in this handful of words blossomed.

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ohh...this is so nice...flows

ohh...this is so nice...flows wonderfully!! It reads like beautiful fragrant flowers!!

Great piece!!



cevance's picture

Thank you for your kind

Thank you for your kind words.

bishu's picture

Beautiful !!!!

Beautiful !!!!



cevance's picture

Thank you Bishu my friend.

Thank you Bishu my friend.

roseblossoms's picture

Of course this caught my

Of course this caught my eyes, what a lovely title, but your verses are just as fragrant as your blossoming bouquet!  Beautiful!

cevance's picture

Thank you. And a bouquet for

Thank you. And a bouquet for you too.