Band Lyrics

Verse 1:
Forget everything, I hope we can.

Falling like a shooting star.

Where do we go when the light’s not changing?

Tell me if I can feel with my old heart again.

In my changed heart, I still carry the old feelings of our love.

In your mind, we’ve already just ended.

To our friends: we were perfect for each other.

On my face, you can see it clearly

That I want to use up everything I have

To repair our broken past.

Tell me, if you feel the same as me.

Our ships are anchored to each other.

Somewhere, somehow, I’ll find my way back to us.


Verse 2:

We have chemistry and history but

Tell me: what do you really feel about us?

Tell me if we’re better off as friends

Or just forbidden lovers in this world.

Tell me everything you are.

Tell me all the stories you have for now.

I can just tell that you’ve struggled in this cold world.


Can someone show me how to run away?

You have all of me yet

I’m left with nothing of you.

If there is any way:

Know that I’ll always love you.

Know that I’ll always be there for you.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

About a love that you cannot just forget....

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I would enjoy hearing it. What genre should my head be singing it in?

© Ground

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Acoustic pop. Learning

Acoustic pop. Learning acoustic guitar and have snippets of videos to convert to mp3 to upload to loop and sing on the tracks.

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Well Remembered

I have those. Gone, not forgotten, but gone. Good write. Encore! Encore! slc



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I have many more typed up

I have many more typed up where they came from...So much love and betrayal, I'm starting to write about my damn relationships to process the bullshit I went through.

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I Try To Avoid Those

but they seem to creep into the imagery somehow on occasion. Much of my poetry is emotional tamed down; on occasion, however, I can manage a pretty good rant. - Have you read SSmootie's early writes, exceptional rants. - slc



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I will check it out. I don't

I will check it out. I don't have much time to myself to read through stuff on postpoems.org that much. Trying to get back into it. Thanks for the notification. I'm a musical person.