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exthias1983 posted a new Poem titled Footprints in the Sand 3 hours ago
Here I am again... I'm on my knees again... This world's beating me down, and I can't get over my sin. I can't believe it's come to this, so...
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ltsaunders posted a new Poem titled Committed 3 hours ago
We have been talking for ten years. Friends for5 at first. However together for twn    I broke the southern lady code and asked ho...
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crypticbard posted a new Poem titled for diamonds in the sky 3 hours ago
.     son, Sun blue nobody knows why you left without a clue   brilliant orb  it rules the Sky yonder Blue, as clouds ro...
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Starward posted a new Poem titled @ 27.055 MHz: Ad Astra; Excerpt From A Theater Major's Letter To A Friend In His HomeTown 5 hours ago
We have been very busy rehearsing and then performing Death In Venice (from Visconti's script, mostly, with a few adjustments.  The pro...
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sootyash posted a new Poem titled Wolf Man 6 hours ago
So, the Big Bad Wolf came along and and Little Red Riding Hood steered clear.   Still curious, she unblocked him for one more walk on t...
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Pungus posted a new Poem titled the castle crumbled 7 hours ago
  Whipping woven reigns, I sit straight in the chariot, whistle and meditate. A song serene in forest breeze rustles through perfumed l...
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lyrycsyntyme posted a new Poem titled When Mountains Erupt 10 hours ago
your voice, your words are molten lava too, too hot to touch initially but given time to cool, to sink into caverns and crevices in the surf...
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