A Simple Way to Rate a Race

Hello everyone,

We’ve had some inquiries about the rating a race method I mentioned which uses the TS, PRP and OR ratings.

So this a simple method that anyone can use to quickly rate race.

Its no hidden secret but can be very handy and a method I use myself.

So first things first, pop your self over to the Racing Post website.

This method works around the OR, TS and RPR ratings buy apcalis so can still be used even if your havent subscribed to the Racing Post.

OK, so find a race where all horses have OR, TS and RPR all filled. Like the one in the picture.

Once you have done that select all the information from No1 down to the last PRP rating.
Copy all this information into a spreadsheet, this is where all the fun begins.

  1. Calculate the total of each column
  2. Divide each total by the number of runners (this will give you an average)
  3. Now subtract the horses ratings from the average
  4. Once you have done all 3 add these figures together

You now have a race rated in no time at all.

Lets take a look at the example race above if you’d done the above calculation you’d be left with the following top 3 rated and bottom 2

Polly´s Mark 39
Gertrude Bell 29
Gallic Star 26

On Terms -49
On Khee -53

Now lets look at the result

As you can see our top rated finished 2nd by a head and our second rated won. You could even looking at laying On Terms, On Khee was a NR.

So there you go easy isnt it?

Obviously you could use this in a variety of ways maybe back the top rated, dutch the top selections or lay the worst rated. You can even us it as a starting point and concentrate your form reading on the top 3.

To follow this up I may try and do a short video just to make it easier plus i’ve knocked up a ready made spreadsheet for you.
If you pop over to https://betbubbles.com/and go to downloads you can get a copy of the SimpleRatings spreadsheet.
All you have to do is paste in the information in cell A3 and maybe drag down the formulas for the scores columns if your rating bigger fields.

Good Luck,

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