Writing Down My Life's Vocabulary


Writing down my life's vocabulary

one word after another is easy when

remembering a long ago name, or place,

or recollecting the feel of items collected

annally for years. One dream fades

and another takes its place as if

the world of words were the wallpaper

of ideation centers, the paint for fresh

scraped images. The prize exists inside

the skull poured out precise as sketches

in quikly composed notes, the casually

written down, the doodled, the jotted.


Pick up the I-beam pace, rise above ennui,

and think in cold steel color sthat enable

the ability to hear in emotions and conjugate

verbs like pouring concrete. See the sound

of every adjective ever invented. Choose

one adverb, discard it for another. Do

this until you have found the right one.

Build art around the best possible cornerstone

and become the able architech, the best

buider with letters as tools. Date it

and own it.


Simple drawings delicately filled in,

are layout and design blueprinted

and unscrolled on the work bench. Half

way through the stone masonry, the project

will almost match the original concept

born when the writing started.


Originality happens when the mind is tapped

directly without doubt, clutter, or inordinate

amounts of sweat all over the desk, or

the distracting nuisance of quill feathers stuck

in the teeth.









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