The best Egypt Day Tours to the Great Pyramids Of Giza




Egypt Day Tours | Pyramids of Giza

First of all, your expert tour guide will be waiting for you at your hotel, ready to welcome you to Egypt and start your Egypt Day Tour.

On the commencement of your tour, you will be taken to your private A/C vehicle. Your guide will focus on you and your interests, provide you an insight into Egyptian history and point out the popular landmarks in Cairo.

At the first stop, you will be amazed by the Great Pyramids of Egypt, an Ancient Wonder of the World. Where you will visit and capture panoramic views of the legendary Pyramids of Giza: Cheops, Khafre, Menakaure, the Great Sphinx, the Valley Temple, and many other impressive photo opportunities.

Your next stop will be the Egyptian Museum containing thousands of genuine artifacts, Statues and a priceless collection of Egyptian art. The most incredible being the full exhibit of King Tutankhamun, including the gold treasures found in his tomb in 1920.

Once the tour is complete you will be transferred in comfort back to your hotel.

As Cairo is overwhelming with so much to do and explore, please feel free to add or skip any sites mentioned as to adjust the tour to your schedule. Just let us know your requests, it will be our pleasure to accommodate your needs.

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What to do in Hurghada Egypt?

The city of Hurghada has gained infinite fame for being the place to be in Egypt, thanks to the countless number of resorts and entertaining activities. The city stretches about 36 km (22 mi) along the majestic seashore of the red sea and not too far from the Eastern Arabian Desert. It has a population of 284,000 inhabitants from native Egyptians and foreigners divided into the modern part of the city El Kawsar, El Ahia and El Helal the Northern Part, Sekalla the city center, El Dahar a.k.a Downtown and El Memsha, a village pedestrian road stretching over 4 KM. it also holds the international Hurghada airport which has flights to various locations across Europe. The weather in Hurghada is quite tropical with an average temperature of 24 C (75 F). the resort also contains a traditional bazaar, coffee shops, souks, bars, nightclubs, and the finest hotels. the city is also the focus of the biggest collection of watersports in the region like for diving, snorkeling, wind & kite surfing and many others around its magical beaches.

The Straits of Gubal

Located between the mainland part of the northern part of Egypt and the Sinai Peninsula lies the Straits Of Gubal which connects the Gulf of Suez to the red sea. it has the depth of 50 m (164 ft) it is well-known for containing many small islands, various kinds of coral reefs and countless world-famous wrecks like the SS Thistlegorm, the wreck of the Kingston, the Ulysses wreck, the Gubal Barge, the wreck of Rosalie Moller and many underwater caves and natural passages which result in makes it one of the most famous diving spots in the country. It holds many beautiful sea creatures like glassfish, barracudas, devilfish, angelfish, dolphins, rare moonfish and many others.

The Sun and Beaches of Hurghada

One of the best ways to enjoy the beauty of Hurghada is a simply reflect on the heavenly allure of the majestic sunny atmosphere and enjoy in the highest levels of peace and tranquility. You will truly fell like in heaven among the hypnotic sandy beaches of this resort. You will never forget the sensation of Hurghada sun when it touches your body and warm your soul and send you on a dimensional journey across the cosmos.

Sinbad Submarine Experience

The Sinbad submarine is one of Hurghada's most exciting experiences. All the submarines are located in the central area on Hurghada's marina. It is can take its visitors to 22 m underwater and witness the pure magic and wonder of the marine and underwater life of the Hurghada and witness majestic sea creatures of the red sea. you and your family will get to go on an unforgettable adrenaline quest in the heart of the red sea.

Diving in Abu Nuhas Shipwreck – Gotta Abu Ramada Sites

In the ethereal water of Hurghada is the gotta Abu ramada a.k. The Aquarium which is one of the most popular diving locations in the red sea. it has the depth of 100 m (300 ft) and holds a massive amount of marine life such as amazing coral reefs and rare fishes like Triggerfish, lionfish, and clownfish. Located 65 km southeast of Hurghada ,you can find a submerged reef near the Suez canal called sha'ab Abu Nuhas a.k.a the copper reef and famous for being a wreck diver's paradise as it has an abundant fish life, a flourishing coral reefs next to a shipwreck like the arnatic, a UK cargo ship that sunk in 1869, Greek ship Chrisoula K(sunk in 1981) and the German Kimon M (sunk in 1978)

Jeep Expeditions in the Desert

You will have the chance go on an adventurous journey through Hurghada's Sahara park a.k.a the eastern Arabian Desert hills. You will get to explore all the ancient locations in the heart of the desert, witness the color of the desert changing during the sunset. Through your jeep, you will get to behold all the ancient villages of Bedouin culture and watch the most beautiful sunrise.

Bedouin Dinner Tours

You will get to dine in the heart of the desert, try the Bedouins lifestyle and explore a different culture. You will get to wear their clothes, stay in a tent and eat a lot of Bedouin cuisines like a barbecued dinner like chicken, kofta, rice and potatoes cooked on natural coal, plus the natural baked Bedouin bread which serves directly of the oven to your plate and melts into your mouth, followed by Bedouin tea, all while you enjoy an oriental show and folkloric songs.

Camel Rides

There is no better way to experience the pure natural atmosphere of the desert than to riding a camel. You will get to travel in the center of the desert and enjoy all the spectacular locations in the desert like the majestic Bedouin villages.

Magnificent Astronomical Nights

The night in Hurghada is extremely magical as the sky becomes filled with thousands of stars and galaxies that make you feel you are a part of a bigger plan. The astronomical night tours are truly majestic as the sky becomes lit up with billions of light bulbs. You will get to travel into the heart and soul of the desert after dusk and behold the wonders of the night's sky with a telescope for further inspection and explore a clear sky filled with miracles.

Culture Tours to Cairo Luxor, Aswan, and Nile Cruises

If you found yourself desiring to experience a something different, then all you have to do is to head to the immortal cities of Luxor and Aswan and explore the legendary artifacts and monuments such as the holy Karnak temple, Anu Simbel temple, Edfu temple, Hatshepsut temple, and countless others. Then head to the capital of Egypt the hypnotic city of Cairo which holds the mythical Giza pyramids complex that contains the last remaining wonder in the world the great pyramid and the sole protector of Egypt the great sphinx. Cairo also the home many mosques around the powerful Cairo citadel which convey the beautiful artistic Islamic architecture. There is no better way to witness the full beauty of the entire country than to board a Nile cruise between Luxor and Aswan across the bloodstream and life bringer of the country.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

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I have booked my experience with them, they are really wonderful guys from the tour guides, drivers. and everything.

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Every first born;

none left alive;


fed to the crocodiles;

all drowning in blood


Pharaohs will carried out;

nile filled with bodies


Chosen people disgraced;

before the exodus


Ethnic cleansing

at work


Empire maintained at the expense

of murder


judgement withheld until the passover


None left alive

Every first born


When the Angel of death comes!!!!!


An eye for an eye,

a tooth for a tooth




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transformation into a god


Temple forever,

standing in time,

cannot be destroyed


Lost language of hieroglyphics,

hidden meanings in the pyramids,

still uncovering the secrets



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Book of the Undead

Opening up the sarcophagus,

thousands of years entombed


dust clouds perfuse,

lifting the curse


black magic undone,

imhoteps return


Book of the dead


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Ramses II

Trudging in the mud,

taking the lashings,

a collective effort 

these huge stones,


Sweat pouring 

down our bodies,

we dare not fall

out of line.


To displease the master

is to die, a tight schedule

to finish his palace;

we will work day and night


With little or nothing to bring

home to our families, but the pain

in our eyes; stale bread, we will starve

like rabbits


Waking up again; another long day,

such is the life of a slave,

always fearing what will happen

but never able to conquer them.


Only Pharaoh has

and with that seed of doubt planted,

our faith in god slowly withers away

like our lives.


Cataracts begin to form from constantly looking

up at the sky:

any sign to help our resolve

but not even a mirage.


On earth it is pharaoh who has made himself god,

in his image, our lives have been molded,

to serve at his every bidding and whim,

until the very day we die.


There is no deliverance for the israelites,

as long as we are ok with continuing being slaves,

until then the land of milk and honey

will be so very far away; And god will never answer any of our prayers.










Author's Notes/Comments: 
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Anubis The Forecast


The sand ascended,

A whirlwind closeby.

In the tomb,

Where the dead were lain to rest.


From this storm raised,

The aspect of Anubis;

The god that attends the dead,

To the hereafter...


With robust voice raised,

He let me know:

"Dead you go!"

My destiny written down.


A day hereafter,

In normal life;

I drowned into the lake,

Death had grabbed me tight.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

(A dream I had).

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Dead Universe

Cthulhu Mythos

We are walking corpses,

Zombies at best

How can I enjoy?

That what falls apart?


Great Pyramid

And feast of Nitokris

The Ghoul-Queen

Married to Kephren.


All are dead, dead,

Nothing alive, so sad.

Gods and man alike

In a murdered universe...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Mythos poem.

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One Pharaoh To Another

Oh, Thutmose, what have you done?
Covering my name with slabs of clay,
erasing my image,
erasing my rule.

By Isis and Ra,
by the holy Aten disk,
what have you done?
Why is my land so barren,
why does war reap so horridly,
why, oh why, must you cover my name?

Things never needed to return,
no one told you my rule was evil.
You declared that yourself,
and then you declared war.

You know, I wore my fake beard
for the benefit of those like you,
those so against the rule of a woman,
who wished for that of a man.

I have done no wrong here,
I swear by goddess Ma'at
and her Feather Of Truth,
I have done no wrongs.
For in my rule, there was peace,
and in yours, war.

What wrongs you have made,
dear, Pharaoh Thutmose,
what war has scathed your land?
What famine has wreathed your muddled mind,
your heart as black
as the Kohl 'round your eyes?

When my dear husband died,
when the heir was far too young,
why shouldn't I have declared myself Pharaoh?
Why shouldn't I have ruled?
Just because I was born a woman?

But you declaim this horrid,
and after my death,
you bury my name,
you build walls around my monuments,
you destroy my life's work.

And where has that left you?
Unworthy of your name,
Thoth Is Born.
Bah! Thoth? I see no wisdom in those tired eyes.

First Among Noble Women, am I,
and I am worthy of my name.
You, oh, Thutmose, have ravaged this land.
And my name,
my name may be covered,
my name may be hidden 
under those layers and layers of clay,
but I know I'm not forgotten.
For here I am, walking the Field Of Reeds,
and where are you?

I should ask Hathor
to heal your land,
un-warp your battered mind,
but you've done this to yourself.
Fight your wars, oh, Pharaoh,
and I will fight mine.

But I must remind you,
your wars spill blood
and mine bring peace.
Who is better remembered,
oh Thutmose?
You, unwise and unworthy?
Or I, who brought peace and prosperity?

Now tell me,
will your life be remembered as great,
will your name be chanted 
across the sacred river?
Will Bast grant you a life of love
or will you be Set's slave?
Will sins weigh down your heart
when you meet Osiris
and are weighed against
Ma'at's sacred Feather Of Truth?
Or will it be devoured by Ammut?
Dooming you to eternal death.

Now, Thutmose,
how many will remember you as great?
Will you be known as Thutmose: 

Greatest of all Pharaohs?

Or will they remember me?
Trust me on this, trust me,
my name has not been forgotten,
My name 
shall never parish.

From one Pharaoh to another,
I swear you have my word.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Oh, God, how I adore ancient Egypt. Almost as much as I adore Astronomy.

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