the sun



Igbo is great!




Igbo is huge!




Igbo is the giant!




The sun that spins the universe -




That enlightens the primitives!




Come along,




You haters of Igbo;




Get charred in splendid brilliance.




Melt away before the rising sun;




Let your envy and your bile




Be gone for all time.




For the sun shall blaze again




From the east of the wise




And hold the centre




To the adoration of Copernicus.




Let all blood-sucking Vampires DIE!




Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 8th December 2013 in Lagos, Nigeria. An angry response to a barage of criticisms against the Igbo from little-minded bigots in Nigeria following the publishing of Chinua Achebe's There was a Country.

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Something Good Can Work

I wouldn’t care so much for the rain
If it hadn’t such a vivacious tone
If the people further forward in the queue
Hadn’t echoed it’s groan

For the sun is truly villainous and spite induced,
Planting cancer on the skin,
Yet all still prefer to bathe
In the sun’s eternal doubled-edged grin

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The sun brightly shines
beautiful flowers blooming
summer has arrived

copyright by heather burns

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The Sun

The sun fills the world with light

like a ginormous light bulb

whose light stretches on for miles.

The sun is so hot,

a gigantic heater for our world.

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Sunshine in My Eyes


As I'm sitting outside,
the sun is everywhere I look.

When I glance over at a truck,
the sun shine bounces
off the glass and metal.

It rebounds back at me,
and shines into my eyes!
Then, when I look around,
everything is all blotchy,
from my eyes' reaction
to the sunshine.

After a while,
it clears up,
and I'm able to see
clearly once again.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

The other day I was walking, and I kept getting sun shine in my eyes, and I desided to write a poem about it! Please let me know what you think!

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The Sun Shines Down (60 second challenge)

60 second poems

The sun shines down
on top of me.
Warming my heart
and relaxing my body.
It's there every day,
and gone every night.
You've got to enjoy it
while you've still got the chance.
You see,
it won't be there forever,
no it wont be
it's only there while it can be!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Another poem for the contest!

The Sun is Shinning

The sun is high in the sky,
the only circle of light in the sky.
The sun is shining,
casting its rays of light
down upon us all.

The sun is the reason
that we are able to survive.
Without the sun,
we wouldn't have
very long to live.

But we don't know
when this might happen,
or if it will happen.

I love the sun,
except when it is
shining right at me,
and is hurting my eyes!
If you know what I mean.

So, while we still have
the sun up in the sky,
and still shinning,
we should be happy.

We should be grateful
that we are blessed enough
to have this magnificent ball
of flaming light,
up in the sky.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Just a poem about the sun.

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The Sun Rises


The sun rises up,
Up above the horizon,
Making the world glow.

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The Sun


The sun fills the world with light,
It’s a ginormous light bulb
Who’s light stretches on for miles.
The sun is so hot,
A gigantic heater
For our world.

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