Carlos´s Soccer Ball

Since we were little my parents have always told my brothers and me to be in sports, I had been in tennis, basquetball, dance classes, and more. I had not think about it, but my brother’s sport was mostly one. Carlos used to be obsessed with soccer. All of his childhood was basically with that sport. My grandmother always likes to tell us a story about when he was a baby, and she was watching TV with him, she would put on a soccer game he would suddenly pay close attention, and when she would change the channel, he’d look away or start doing something else. And ever since I can remember my house has always been full of soccer balls, what else could I have expected growing up with 3 brothers. I remember when we were little and I had to play with them, I got really scared of the ball because they would hit it really hard. Anyways, there were some big, some small, and in all the colors possible. But there was one, the special one, a white Adidas ball with black and golden lines that had been sold for the FIFA world cup 2006. I think one of my aunts gave it to him as a gift. He really loved that ball. I remember when we were little, he used to take it everywhere. We could be driving in the car with my mom, eating dinner, or just being at the house, and he would be there with it maybe kicking it, tossing it, holding it or something. He used to go to his soccer matches and when he would get back even if they had lost or won, he would go out and with it a little more time. It is funny to think back at that, considering that Carlos doesn’t play soccer that much anymore, and the last soccer ball I have seen in my house was in my backyard. A dirty blue ball my dog broke.

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Soccer is the greatest sport

Soccer is the greatest sport in the world. Great story