Today I’m honored to share with you a smile

and before the day is gone

please take this smile I am giving you

and kindly pass it on.


In a world with people so far apart…

because of our colors, 

our shapes 

our styles

perhaps the distances between us would shorten…


if we measured it in smiles.

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Their eyes met but for a moment 

only lingered on each other a short while

but it was enough for him to capture forever….


the memory of her smile.

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What is it about a baby’s smile?  

What’s in that smile we see?

Beauty, innocence, acceptance, compassion…purity?


Do we see comfort, pleasure satisfaction, peace and harmony…

happiness, beatitude…delight…serenity?


Or is that baby’s smile to us…a little more than what it seems?

Perhaps we see a shadow of our hopes…a reflection of our dreams?


Perhaps we realize a baby’s smile is a gift to remind us who we were

when we were young, excited, wide-eyed…

when we were innocent and pure.


A baby’s smile reminds us…we don’t have to look too far

to see not only who we were…but also who we are.


And if we have forgotten who we are…

perhaps in that baby’s smile we can see

not only who we were…

but who we are…


and who we’re meant to be.

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A Simple Regret

All and nothing

All I knew was the smile,

The link between us,

The blink that drew us,

Never was there

Ever anymore,

The smile was all I knew.

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There is so much to smile about as each day dawns anew

Let me take a moment to identify a few.


There’s the sunshine every morning 

The stars that twinkle at night

The wind that tickles the treetops 

the moon that glows so bright.


There are raindrops on the roof…

a rainbow in the making.

The aroma of coffee in the morning

the scent of cookies baking.


There’s a baby’s laugh, a good movie

you’re favorite book or favorite song

that when you hear it on the radio

you can’t help but sing along.


There’s clouds reflected on the water,

birds soaring across the sky

There’s the touch of a hand, a warm embrace

or the look in a loved ones eyes.


A smile…just look at the Mona Lisa,

is truly a masterpiece.

It is the universal language of kindness

the beginning of love and friendship and peace.


Beauty stretches across it, 

it can amuse, seduce…beguile

Think about it:

Have you ever regretted anything that has ever made you smile?


If a smile is so beautiful, so indispensable…so refined

If it’s so important to a healthy life…

then one question comes to mind.


Why is it as babies and children we smile more than 300 time a day?

Why when we’re young are we filled with smiles aplenty?

And why, by the time we become adults,


do we smile less than twenty?

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A Smile And Two Drumsticks

One day a lonely drummer sat up

as in his mind a crazy notion swirled...

“What if, with a smile and these two drumsticks...” he thought,

“I could change the world?”


So he sat upon a street corner

and began to drum a beat.

And, before long, people stopped and smiled...

then began to move their feet.


Suddenly a woman with a guitar

stepped out of the throng,

smiled at the drummer

and began to play along.


Then a woman started singing

in a voice both sweet and strong

and the people who were dancing

began to sing along.


As the music emanated in all directions

people came from everywhere.

They smiled, they sang, they danced, they cheered

they raised their hands up in the air.


And when the song was over

some people shook hands...others kissed...and some embraced.

Everyone left with a spring in their step

and a smile upon their face.


And the drummer..

he also smiled...

after seeing so many people enthralled.

And he was left to wonder if his crazy notion...


was so crazy after all.

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Where Love Begins

He searched the whole world over,
from the valleys below
to the mountain above.
He thought his quest would be difficult...
to find the origin of love.

But he saw it on many faces,
be they red,
or yellow,
or black...
And in every place he visited...
from the U.S.
to Iraq.

He saw it at births,
and weddings,
and many moments less sublime...
He stopped his quest when he realized
He was seeing it all the time.

Now when he’s asked ‘that question’
he sits back
and he grins...
“You don’t have to travel very far,” he answers,
“to know a smile is where love begins.”

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Keep Smiling

You know what,

You have a smile,

So precious but,

I want it to go on.


The pearl shall lose,

Its glow for sure,

The rainbow shall choose,

Not to appear before your beauty.


Whenever the cloud of sadness,

Peeks inside your heart,

In your loneliness,

I feel like dying then.


The sun should never set,

In your world,

And I guarantee that,

You shall ever find me nearby.


As far as you can see,

As long as you love,

As long as your heart seeks me,

I shall be there for you, ever.



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Smile it's me

Smile it's me

Thinking deeply to what troubles you

Your forehead crease 

I put my hand on it to smooth it out

You finally notice me standing there

We look into each other eyes

I see the pain in your I wonder what you see in mine

Probably lust and joy to to be next to you

I smiled, you failed to return it

I sit on your lap, holding your face in my hand

I give you a small peck on the lips 

To let you know I'm here

You close your eyes and lay your head on my chest

I hold you in an uncomfortable position

And you say: " thank you I needed that" 

And I reply " I know"

It won't solve your problem

But it pleased me to see you try 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Smiling can contagious. :)

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