What is it about a baby’s smile?  

What’s in that smile we see?

Beauty, innocence, acceptance, compassion…purity?


Do we see comfort, pleasure satisfaction, peace and harmony…

happiness, beatitude…delight…serenity?


Or is that baby’s smile to us…a little more than what it seems?

Perhaps we see a shadow of our hopes…a reflection of our dreams?


Perhaps we realize a baby’s smile is a gift to remind us who we were

when we were young, excited, wide-eyed…

when we were innocent and pure.


A baby’s smile reminds us…we don’t have to look too far

to see not only who we were…but also who we are.


And if we have forgotten who we are…

perhaps in that baby’s smile we can see

not only who we were…

but who we are…


and who we’re meant to be.

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