Be Brave

You tell me you can’t do this

But really

It’s just cowardice

Stop hiding

Don’t let your pride win

I understand the world has jaded you

But that doesn’t mean you have to let the sinner in you

Get control of you

Damn, don’t act so strong

Shed some tears

It’s not so dumb

Showing emotions

That’s how things are done

Don’t keep it bottled up

Do you wanna get stuck?

Do you wanna be corrupt?

I believe in you

Now it’s time to believe in you too

I got you

A whole lot of us are behind you

Don’t mind the haters

They say all these hate

But really, it’s them they can’t escape

Their egos so big

They swine like pigs

Don’t worry about what people think

Keep that in mind that Jesus has all your anxiety

In the end it just you and what God can see

All you gotta do is come out

Be brave and stand out

Be someone that will make your mama proud

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Just a random drabble



Random Drabble 4

I understand where you are coming from
For me, the Christian life isn’t a chore
I do it freely because I know what God has in store
I don’t have control over my future anymore
For my father in heaven knows what’s good for me
He cares and knows me deeply
As so he does all of us
He lets us do what we want freely
So that we may go to him when it’s needed
To be part of Him, It may feel like a chore
And sometimes we would like to ignore
Our calling is what makes us more
Ever since I left my old life behind
He has brought life back into my eyes
I have new friends, old ones left behind
They swine because I don’t smoke dimes
I don’t drink or sleep around
It’s hard, yes but it’s worth it
This test

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Another Poem battle with a friend :) Enjoy!!


Hope this doesnt offend anyone!

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The Iliad of All

The Iliad of All

A third of stars and thousand ships

Sank unto both Sea and Sky

And from the Eye

O'er watching each

Nigh pen equipt to script

The sadness of

And tear that fall

From ships so tall and Angel's Hell

A poet be

A frightful cog

To manner and men -

Of iliads

And if beseeched by eternal woe

By crimson Demon

Or frigid stall

All manner and men

Cast dispersions on

The Goodness for -

Whom loveth all

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A lot I tried to tie together here - hope it was somewhat suffucient.  The dispersion is an ancient concept from the Bible (Genesis) and the epic poems of tales of neverending hardships.  As the King of the Jews was thought to disperse His peoples from the far reaches of Heaven to cast the word - The suffering of a tribeless bands         From the beginning of sin throughout the sins we commit daily I turned (as we all do) to casting dispersions on God for our troubles.   And the sins keep on countin - giggle     The last line is a mention of hope and the ideal  "He loveth all" - Samuel Coolridge (Rhyme of the Ancient Mariner)

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Some were hired at the break of day, a price to work the field.

Then others hired each passing hour and given the same deal.


And when the eve was drawing nigh the Master with good will

Looked out and saw some in the streets who yet were waiting still.


So then he went to them and asked, "Why have ye labored not?"

They answered, "We have not been hired though labour we have sought."


And so the Master stretched his hand and offered them the deal,

Which gladly they accepted and they moved into the field.


But when the ones who'd worked all day came forth to claim their pay,

They were offended when the saw all had received the same.


And they began to murmur much, "Does not the Master care"

"That we have labored more than they? This simply isn't fair."


But then Master stood and said, "Good friend I've done no wrong."

"Have not I paid as we agreed? Is not my word yet strong?"


And then he asked the ones who felt their payment was unfair,

"Is thine eye evil because I'm good", and silence filled the air.


For they did not appreciate the good things they'd received –

The value of the wage alone was all that they could see.


They'd missed the point of why they worked. They never gained the yield –

The true joy that comes to the souls who labor in the field.


Ref: Matthew 20: 1-15


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