I don't want to die,

But I don't want them to die.

I guess I'll die then.

Quiet Example


Tis an interesting thing to consider yet

The value of a quiet example set


Like the crystal streams, or the mountain air

Consistent, constant, always there


Blessing every soul who happens by

Never asking who, never asking why


Giving joy just by being who they simply are

Giving light through the night like a brilliant star


Giving hope to the crowd in the dark abyss

Yes, it’s interesting to consider this


For life has afforded me such a gift -

A path interwoven with those who lift


A chance to observe and a chance to learn

What it means to care. What it means to turn


Away from the world and it’s foolish pride

Yes, the thought of this makes me look inside


And give thanks on high that I’m in the debt

Of those who a quiet example set


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For You I Gave it All

Cast not these doubts aside as you revel unto glory
and yet it dies upon a lonesome shore
But reality is not a tool for friendship
and one's worth cannot be scored
But I'm losing
and this battle is far from over

Oh, I'll follow you to the ends of the Earth
and let you torture me so
Spit in my face and thrust disgrace
until my blood is soaked no more
And split the hands that held you close
that kissed the face of the Holy Ghost
who cast only me aside
and bade me unto fall
I suffered in the pain, but for you I took it all

I'm torn inside and my heart is reeling
Whose strings did snap within thin air
and broken, battered, lying lifeless, upon the ground in disrepair
I cannot move, nor can I breathe
Like severed shackles who beg reprieve
And into the air, I am released
to fall and break yet once again
but this time more with ease
My hands, they would not catch me
And I was forced to watch them bleed
I suffered in the pain, but for you I'd let them be

My eyes, they screamed for mercy
as I was blinded by your hate
Yet this "reasoning" is nothing more than unadulterated fate
blissful in the evening, when the dark has come of late
and cuts into the bone of the soul it hopes to take
Yet I was baptized
unto the very gates of Hell
lost and withered in my decision to grant you peace of mind
I suffered in the pain, but for you I'd slowly die

I wallowed in your pity
until it coated my own skin
until it burned straight through my flesh
and then baited me to sin
whose claws did capture and enrapture my heart that lay within
and grazed into my very being that forced me to begin
this long and hateful journey that merely started on a whim
Drink me whole until I'm gone and finally lost inside
I suffered in the pain...but for you, I gave my life

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A poem about self sacrifice. I ask you my dear readers: how far would you be willing to go to save the ones you love? Food for thought, hmm?

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