I closed my eyes
Thinking of the blue sky
So serene and wide
I made a contented smile
As I feel peace inside
I saw a sparkling ball of white
Ahh it’s the clouds hanging by
Sprinkling its finest spray
Cutting thru the sun’s golden ray
Creating a prism that sway
What a beautiful rainbow I saw today.

How many of us got to see a rainbow
Where fairies dance and swing with gusto?

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When the rain stopped,

And the storm ceased,

The wind calmed,

And the weather cool.

Then appeared up in the sky,

An arc of colours,

Spread over the blues,

A sign of hope.

The cloud is clear,

The firmament clean,

The mountains glow,

Reflecting the colours of hope.

Leaves dance as trees move,

Grass clap as the birds sing,

Peace is still,

As shown by the rainbow.

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