How to Make the Most Fom the Clown Car

by Jeph Johnson


The clown car that is the American political system is driven by evil clowns. The Democrats are entrusting the nation's hopes on yet another clown. He's arguably not as evil but he's still a clown. Guess what? Our clown car has 4 flat tires! The most this clown is suggesting is to pump air into the tires. What the United States doesn't quite understand is that there are leaks in the tires. The big money establishment has punctured them. You see, we need to replace them not blow air into them! Nonetheless America will either puff a little air into old leaky bald tires and be on it's way to another terrible accident or retain the evil clown who's now in the driver's seat with flat tires. We had brand new wheels with solid tread all shiny and ready to go.  We could have gained real traction towards recovery. Instead we are left with no sensible options. So the best we can hope for is to tie a noose around it, drape it from a solid tree branch and make a playground out of this fun little tire swing.  

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Oh my, yer just begging for me to answer. Ok. Here goes. NOT ALL CLOWNS ARE EVIL! Some of us just want to spread love and be glib. We just want to be happy while we live. Even if we're sad with a quivered reddened lip. 

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Run for office...'d get my vote over either of these fools!

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Food for thought. Starshine 2020!

We might just get this script flipped. 

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