Just My Type


My eyes said,

Isn't he so fine?
Ah, just my type,
He looks so good 
that he could
infatuate me,
indulge me,
please me
rock n roll me, 
tingling and trembling,
all night long
Ohhhhhh, I cant wait!
I gotta have him!
But the truth is,
I don't know how long
I have to pretend
by eating, sleeping, ,dreaming with 
his photograph 
 until I could find out
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If it's what you want

If words on a page

and pictures in a frame

are what you want,

then so be it.

but just know that one day those pages will fade

and those glass paned frames will break

as that trophy love you thought you had

slowly disintegrates. 

I may not be a writer 

or photogenic like her

but the love I can give you 

will not deter.

So just remember, 

the next time she writes you a poem, 

or snaps a picture, 

those, unlike my love,

will fade.