Just My Type


My eyes said,

Isn't he so fine?
Ah, just my type,
He looks so good 
that he could
infatuate me,
indulge me,
please me
rock n roll me, 
tingling and trembling,
all night long
Ohhhhhh, I cant wait!
I gotta have him!
But the truth is,
I don't know how long
I have to pretend
by eating, sleeping, ,dreaming with 
his photograph 
 until I could find out
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workm's picture

Keep it up..

This I like, all the way, and why not, say.. Following dreams, we all do, this is life, follow through.. Enjoyed!

Sassylass's picture

Thanks again


i thank you for your time and comment.

im tucked in securely,thanks!


Poetry is passion,imagination & soul mixing together....