personal growth

goodbye time to fly

I know now

That I must fly

But I got to get thru

A needles eye

It’s going to be tight

But I must try

If I’m ever going to get to fly


Some say

Just get by

Take it easy

So you won’t die

It’s very hard

But if you must try

Squeezing thru a needles eye


I don’t

Know just why

Can’t let it be

Or even try

To understand

When you can’t fly

The pain of the other guy


And that

I must fly

And get thru

A needles eye

It’s going to be hard

But I think it’s time

To say goodbye and fly

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Penn Station

The last one way ticket-
Pulls in.
Force a smile for the-
casual close and capture.
You release your embrace.
Our sweat-filled pores slip away.
Here comes the downfall-
There goes my farewell.


So many actions.
I miss them.
I miss the words-
The words you dare not say.
I miss the love-
The love you never gave away.
This is my goodbye.
This is my emptiness.


The doors slide open-
We both start anew.
Your future-
My demise.
Your path-
As bright as you.
Beautiful lilacs and blues.
You flew-
Raise my glass.
Here's to the girl of yours dreams.


Stone by stone.
My castle-
Crumbles to the ground.
I stayed.
As you-
Floated in the waves.


Your smile-
Whites of cotton-
Bleaching in the sun.
Your smell-
Sweet peaches-
Juice with an orange hue.
Your voice-
Soliloquies of a Shakespearean taste.
Washed away.


Your love-
Closes with the sliding doors.
As my heart, you.
to find yourself.
I'll be here.
Waiting for you to find-

A Tear hidden heind every Smile

a tear hidden behind every smile
laughing loud to hide the pain
in hindsight i see my foolishness;
i was living life in vain.
i was scared to open my eyes
terrified to see myself—
i, the spawn of the green-eyed monster,
wanted to be somebody else.
i never learned a lesson,
i only made mistakes.
life was one big pity party,
and it was i who made the cake.
uninspired and undeserving,
unrealistic at best,
rude and condescending,
i lacked all self-respect.
things changed when i met matt-
i gave him my heart
then he handed it back broken
and i completely fell apart.
with a little help and advice
and a whole lot of tears,
i turned my pain into strength
and gained wisdom beyond my years.
i learned that solitude is your best companion,
hurting makes you strong,
&& truly accepting yourself is the first step in moving on.
i learned that people come and go
that only YOU will always remain
and if someone doesn't like you,
forget them--they don't matter anyway.
once you see how great you are,
so will everyone else.
it's easier for them to like you,
when you already love yourself.
make mistakes and bad decisions
it's the best way to learn
then you have to grow and change
cus a hot stove will ALWAYS leave you burned.
anger is not a weapon and life is not a game
change isn't always a bad thing; nothing stays the same
your life is what you want it to be
you can't let it pass you by
live your life the way you want to
because in the end,
it's YOU who dies.

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