new world

new world



I’m sick of hearing about you
I’m sorry to be so brutally honest but…

I for one like my creature comforts.
I like orange juice and chocolate milkshakes, 
left outside my front door in the morning. 
I like feeding the magpies – 
if it means there’re more to salute,
if it means we keep the worms at bay,
if it means anything at all.
I like all the trimmings and the glitz.

Will there be fast food in this new world?

Will there be Mcdonalds and Burger king?
If I didn’t have Mcdonalds and Burger king

I don’t know what I’d do…
I guess I’d revert to my primitive state; 
eat chicken, or something else that’s easy to catch.  

I wrote you a letter
I didn’t expect a response,  
nor the lion’s head you left in my hallway.
I didn’t expect that at all
I turned the other cheek, and ran away

All the way back to my mother’s house 
where she told me, tomorrow’s another day.

She said I would like it more… 
she said, if I didn’t like it still, 
I needn’t go the day after.



It seems everywhere I lurk, you’re there
you’re like the phantom lurker -
And I’m the copycat serial killer. 
When did I become the copycat serial killer?

in the old world we didn’t need locks,
keys were for keeping racing pigeons 
not for mining strings of code
nor for dangling against your chest
like the ring you found buried in the strawberry fields.


In the new world things are better, 
things are better 
I know I’m kind of cynical, but
you’re partly to blame. 
I blame my crooked neck.
caused by gazing up at the countless floors of your buildings.
I can’t see the sky half the time.

In the old world 
I could have survived the fall
from a second floor window 
should I have fallen out that time when I was 15,
drunk and stoned. 
will there be cars in the new world
with lights
so they can drive at all hours of the night.
Am I even invited to this new world
I don’t really care – either way




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Wild Ride

For young boys whose attempts to fornicate get a "no",
It could be wise to demand she live up to her word,
For you grow in a world too excessively mired,
By the use of words tainted through the educations
We grown ups have inspired,
A "no" from a girl any age can mean lust,
Or a lifetime of labels it can easily cost,
Even if she proclaims it was not what she meant,
Know her words will mean little to the judge,
There will be no one to blame but yourself,
And your name cursed for life, holding the grudge,
Abuse can be real and believe that it's wrong,
But the meaning it seems can be twisted,
Be discerning about this, and weigh every word,
Please don't let yourself be that easily black-listed,
Even marriage won't guarrantee you won't get a dingbat,
Our society's become quite a sham,
Don't be rushed into things you're not sure of,
As the woman has taken the wheel, I'm not lying, this is real,
The world's fast as it can.



6:17 PM 4/17/2013 ©

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A word about abuse.