When you rise in the early morning long before the sun’s first light 

you have this wonderful opportunity to eavesdrop on the music of the night.


If you don’t hear the music at first…wait!…it won’t be long…

before the crickets, whom you never see, choose the rhythm of the song.


Once you catch the rhythm…just as your body begins to sway…

as if the maestro pointed in their direction…the woodwinds begin to play.


Their music enters from every direction as you walk through the neighborhood…

The melody changing depending on how the wind chooses to whistle through the woods.


The woodwinds can enter loudly on a gust…or softly on a gentle morning breeze…

either way….wherever you turn…there is music in the trees.


Just as you’re thinking to yourself…is there a better way to start the day…

the birds pick up their horns…and the brass begins to play.


If you’re lucky…and you listen closely…sometimes the music of the night…

offers a violin concerto…of the hummingbirds in flight.


Some walks take a little longer…you stop more often…close your eyes knowing you don’t have to see…all you have to do is listen to nature’s morning symphony.


Sadly…when the sun begins its rise…the symphony quickly fades away…

as the music of the night relinquishes the stage to the music of the day.


But another symphony begins tomorrow…if you rise before the sun’s first light…

another opportunity awaits…to eavesdrop on the music of the night.

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This is definitely one of

This is definitely one of your most beautiful poems.

Are you familiar with Bram Stoker's novel, Dracula, and the words with which Dracula describes the music of "children of the night."  There is a kind of riff on this in Robert Aickman's award-winning ghost story, "Pages From A Young Girl's Journal."

Enjoy effulgent days, and exquisite nights,

unto the exultations of Heaven.