Five words he will always remember…five words he still adores…five words his mother used to say: Because I love you more.


So many times she did without so he could have what he was asking for…her simple explanation: Because I love you more.


He remembers a time when the piece of cake he was eating fell onto the floor…she smiled and slid the last piece to him saying, “Because I love you more.”


There were times she bought him new clothes…while old and tattered ones she wore…"Why didn’t you buy that new dress?" he asked…because I loved you more.


He knew they didn’t have much…but never did he feel poor…His mom wouldn’t let that happen…because I love you more.


When his mother became sick and he came home to take care of her…She asked, “What did you do that for.” 

“Whatever I was doing can wait, he said,: Because I love you more”.


And when the day came to say goodbye…He held her hand tighter than he had ever held her hand before….

I am the man I am today he whispered…because you loved me more.


Five words he uses with his children…five words he hopes they will adore…five words his mother taught him: Because I love you more.

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