My grandma's ring.



My grandma had this box of rings, a big wooden box with all of her rings inside it, there where gold rings, silver rings, nephrite rings, amber rings and a few diamonds rings. Different shapes and different colors. Located in that painted wooden box were all of her rings, all of them except for two. The first one, her wedding ring, a constant companion in her left hand, the second one a snake ring. The snake ring had nothing special, it wasn’t made of gold or silver, it did not have an embedded stone, and it design was simpler than others snake rings; nevertheless my grandma was always wearing it. Every Sunday when I visited her, every time she went out with her friends, every family event (baptisms, communions, weddings and parties), every trip outside town, wherever she went that ring went with her. My grandmother was a very elegant lady, if you ask people who knew her about her, one of the first words that come into their minds is elegant, however, no matter what she dressed, no matter whether or not combined, she used the snake ring, and no one of my family knew why. It wasn’t a ring of my great grandmother and she hadn’t obtained it as a gift, but for her the snake ring was special, special and unique. Every time I saw her I asked her about the ring, I was a curious little girl fascinated for it, I wanted to know the story behind it and why she wore it that much, she used to laugh about my questions and said Darling, it is only a ring that I love. For me, the ring became sort of special due to all the “mystery” around it, so one day I asked her to grant it to me. I still remember the way she shook her head and told me, Darling, today is not the day. Year pass and I found myself in front of that big wooden box again, inside of it were all of her rings and a little yellow bag with my name written across it, I opened it and there it was. I never knew why my grandma loved that ring that much or the story behind it, what I do know is that every Sunday, every time I go out with my Friends, every family event (baptism, communions, weddings and parties), every trip outside my town, wherever I go, the snake ring comes with me. 

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