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My name is Monterio Hill, born and raised in South Carolina, USA. I am eighteen years old, and originally I was on my old account MonteThePoet but I lost access to it. Now, I am back with many stories to share with you. A lot hasn't really changed with my writing, I'm still the same fly on the wall writer. I write about what I see, feel, support and disapprove. I hope you have a good of reading my poetry and also some of my raps I have posted on my page.

About My Navel

My navel is like a hallow crater to
My soul, but it's also a void in my-
-self. It's a double whammy of my

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Instagram: @montethepoet
Facebook: Maverick Publishing Arts & Monte The Poet
All Poetry: Monte The Poet
YouTube: Monterio Hill

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Poets: Maya Angelo, Tupac Shakur, Kendrick Lamar, Edgar Allan Poe, Allets.
Poems: Can U C The Pride of The Panther, Wife 4 Life, Lady Liberty Needs Glasses, As I Rise, Phenomenal Woman, Just Another N*gga, To Pimp a Butterfly.
Hobbies: Poetry, You Tubing, Rapping, Song writing, Basketball, Exercising.


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