How Roses are born


I'll hold my pansies.

I'd like to give them

to you, but I'm afraid 

you wouldn't know what

to do.


Ever since you threw away 

the lavender you once held dear, 

so dear in fact, 

you'd water it everyday. 

Until you realized that 

all of your violets were 

dying because of the lavender.


Your still mending your garden

but what you dont know,

is that i'd give you all my violets,

in fact take my pansies too. 

If it would put a smile on your face

I would not mind, 

but grow them together

and one day you'll see

my true gift bloom.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Took a little longer than usual to make than my other poems, but its a way of telling how i feel without using direct words.