Cutting Off

Cutting off my entire family, they're not

Helping me. Only my mother, forget the

Friends too. Everyone I came across do-

-ouble cross me, I am watching out for

The people who say they love me. I was

On the road of tranquility and that journey

Ended abruptly. I may never reach peace,

But that's how it is. Still I'm living this thug

Life without regrets, and I can say that with

My chest. Yes, I am filled with hate! So much

Hate it made an evil doppelganger by the

Name of Garther. I am enslaved by this

Cold world and being selfish will be my

Finally resort. When I reach success, I

Bet my mama and I will reside undern-

-eath money trees sipping the finest

Juices of tranquility flowing through

Our wine glasses of purity.

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