Loss of Mother

Until Then, My Grief Remains

Grief & Grieving


I can still hear the sound of your laughter,

And how it sounded when you said my name.

But since you went on Home to Heaven,

My life just hasn't been the same.


Oh Momma, I never knew a grief like this...

How I long to see again, your beautiful face.

For no one else, but your loving Mother, 

Can fill such an empty and hurting space.


It seems that every special moment now,

Is missing that one special light,

For you were the light that shined at our top,

Our matriarch, who held us together, tight.


I know your loving it, up there in Heaven,

I know how you longed to be free of your pain.

And for that, I'd never wish you back to this earth,

For I know my loss of you, was certainly Heaven's gain.


But one day, when it comes my turn to depart,

And you meet me there upon, that Golden Shore.

I know then, that my aching grief, of losing you,

Will forever and finally be...no more.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

It still hurts so much Momma... Cry

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A Woman of Grace

Grief & Grieving

Jane Catherine  Cavalcante

Momma was strong, right to her last breath.

She knew her Lord, so she feared not, death.

For years she fought, keeping her faith strong,

An example to us, when things go so wrong.


Her smile lit up her face, her laugh, a delighter,

Her Irish green eyes, made everything brighter.

She held together the ends, of our family ties.

Our matriarch, she was the love of our lives.

She fought so hard, for so many years,

A woman of courage, despite all the tears.

Her body was worn, the pain was too great.

So God took her Home, to walk through that Gate.

She lived for her family, how fierce was her love.

She's still loving us now, but from Heaven above.

No one could ever compare, nor take her place.

She was a woman of God...She was a woman of Grace.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Rest in Glory Momma!!

I miss you and love you so very much! Cry

Jane Catherine Cavalcante

Dec. 19, 1944-July 20, 2020

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