O'l Captain


There once was a captain named Ben

he loved to gamble with his men
he lost his money
and his honey
Now he's broke again 
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There once was a man with a beard

Everyone thought he was weird
He rolled around
All over the ground
And now the field is cleared
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The Mathematician

The Mathematician

There once was a mathematician

Who wanted an English teacher for his addition

He taught her trigonometry on the side

He said “we’ll never subtract if we‘re multiplied”

As for her she taught him perfect diction

Author's Notes/Comments: 

My try at a Limerick :)

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Once I had a cat named Tim
He liked to go with me to the gym
Went under a bar
Which fell to far
And now he only has on limb

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"Poetry Newsgroup F-A-Q Limerick"

by Jeph Johnson


Azul was a poet too
Who wondered 'bout F-A-Q's
Whether Lim'ricks were kosher
On the newsgroup's as a poster
We told Azul there were not any rules!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this poem in response to a question a man named Azul asked in a poetry newsgroup regarding limericks.  2002 

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