The Death of Life



                      The Death of Life

Death is the name that fills us with fright,

No wonder it comes for us in the darkness of night.

We trudge through the day hoping to survive,

And becoming surprised when we come out alive.

We have the days that make us glad,

But we are overwhelmed with days that make us sad.

We learn to cope and hope for the best,

Guessing that this is just a big test.

Though we try to stop it with all our might,

We cannot stop, The Death of Life.

The only thing that could be worst than dying,

Is probably living on and trying.

I'm sorry if this poem is getting you down,

I didn't want to turn your smile upside down.

Look around you and listen with your ears,

I'm telling you the truth that's all you need to hear.

Maybe you're lucky and you always seem happy,

Or you are the ones who's life is really crappy.

I like laughter it's fun to hear,

But I can't seem to find any that is near.

I fight depression every single day,

It always likes to get in my way.

I'd love to be happy all day long,

Messing around and listening to a song.

I'm having trouble finding the happiness in life,

It's hard when it's filled with such strife.

Maybe you could find it and share it with other people,

Get on a church and yell it from the steeple.

Don't let life give you a tear,

Go find the happiness in life, it's somewhere out there.



           Austin Rathbun 




Author's Notes/Comments: 

Please give me your feedback on this poem, I am writing another book called Vice at the moment but I will keep posting poems for your enjoyment in time. Thanks

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Chapters of An Unwritten Book; The Life of...


Hard covers without a title, 1930s antique pages

in between are blank but full of inspiration and a

life lived one chapter at a time. Each chapter

should be read in accordance to the life of…yet,

the life of…is unknown.

The book is in dedication to imagination and

creativity; the biography of the life of…is up to

the reader to narrate, possibly edit. The only

titles you will find are in each unwritten

chapter of the life of…; the first chapter’s title

is simply, ‘The Birth of…’

One cannot go without thinking of the

childhood the life of…embraced, the memories

a child keeps, and the friendships developed.

Thirty-six chapters all-together of blank pages

to the readers, but for the author an

autobiography full of adventures, lessons, and


Chapters two to twenty-five are titled

‘Immaculate High; the other side of the life of.’

The readers can imagine the unimaginable to

them, but for the author it is more than a life

of highs and lows; is about the first and last

crush, the downfalls, which became

triumphant results that shaped and molded

the life of…

Chapters twenty-six to thirty-two are titled,

‘Higher Learning,’ the reader cannot read

the words; however, the reader may narrate

as he/she wishes, to the author these are the

chapters that gives the details about

conquering education’s highest platform with

a degree; a time in the life of…that will never

be taken away!

From Chapter’s thirty-three to thirty-five two

letters title each Chapter, ‘IO’, to the reader a

fascination that no words explains or

paragraphs to detail the life of…for the author

a commitment and desire for knowledge and


Chapter 36 is simply titled, ‘Ellianah,’ to the

reader is just a name; however, for the author

it is the beginning of the new chapters of the

second unwritten book of the life of…

copyright2013 #soulkritic 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

The Life Of...

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Second Cluster/Echoes

(After Cluster One by Pink Floyd: Division Bell)

Echoes, echo hoes resonate preceding silence 
in noun—vowels are useless, yet effective in 
pronounce, without a word would only be an 

Animals dance with Pigs—some take flight, 
together they fly high, soar low; creating new 
species, breeds that multiply…
an evolution cluster.

Seventh Sunday is a term for an unexpected 
newborn (in my culture) unless you know 
Spanish; you really do not care what it means. 
A cluster of ‘I do not give a fuck.”


An alignment of stellar proportions, an 
astronomical cluster; “Introducing the offspring 
of my soul; come winter the world will know.” 
Parenthood…an emotional cluster.

Adapting to responsibility with an interest I did 
not expect from myself so soon. Running out 
of favors, nocturnal ways will soon be paternal. 
Feelings are a cluster.

Constantly reminding myself, “I live for another
heartbeat,” and a failure I will not be, sedate 
me from moments of unclear thinking, desires 
within…clusters of the flesh; sins that condemn.

Damned Soul’s life begins when I awake from 
the dream I am living in a conscious cluster, in 
reality in the subconscious cluster of the mind.

Remember that the image in the mirror is 
reverse; right is left, left is right…
a psychological cluster of poems defining the 
life I live or not? 

Echoes continue to resonate, a cluster of echoes
if you will. 

Copyright2013 ‪#‎soulcriticpoet‬

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Life echoes!

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Who I am

I am compassion, I am apathy
I am love, I am hate
I am trust, I am suspicion
I am content, I am enraged
I am hopeful, I am terrified
I am a creator, I am a destroyer
I am light, I am dark
I am found, I am l lost
I am what I feed
I have been feeding the shark
I have been cutting of chunks of flesh and unconsciously letting the blood drip into the water
Time to feed the birds



Endless they come
Zombies all and all
Shopping for nothing
Bastardizing the mall
Leaving out to bring more
Little people, big people
Junk monger whores
When will it stop
Oh look
My carts full to the top...
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Lost Purpose

The inside


I see pain

I see fear

I shed light

On dark fears,

That's my life

That's my name

So why do I

Feel this shame?

Now I'm lost

And never found

Because no one

Hears the sound.

Still I smile

Through cracked teeth

To hide the moster

That lies beneath

I say "purpose"

I say "Life"

And I deal

With other's strife,

Like a hero

But still hollow

Tired of waiting

For tomorrow.

So start listening

And kill your buzz

Because no one misses

That which never truly was...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

 My first time posting here, and it actually took me 3 tries. Something aboutMathis website made my Internet crash several times, and the auto correct here kept trying to "fix" my lines when they were already perfect.

Are these common occurrences here?


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caged birds

How strange is it to be
anything at all?
How strange is it to be
a part so small
Like a dust speck screaming
I am everything
...But nothing at all.
Some see their king and

on their knees they fall.

Some live their lives
never asking for freedom at all.


For a bird humankind is a bunch of fools
Walking in and out the doors of their schools.
On a silver platter we were served freedom
but we chose to drown in the endless boredom.

How strange is it to think

Why do I live?

How strange to be sad and

pour another drink.

Birds never wonder, birds never think
Why do I live and why do I sink?

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Installed Perception

My style is real life but you ain't gotta make a choice,

I'm shading in the blanks with the sound of my voice,

I speak on some real shit, not just boasting about dollars,

letting loose some stories about the blue collars.

This ones for the people punching the clock twice a day,

barely sliding by from there measly ass pay,

hardworking motherfuckers who deserve another raise,

who get talked down to and deal with it anyway.

Cuz they know no other way, they all got plenty to say,

on holidays theyre working cuz the bills force them to stay.

They make this world tick but somehow go unnoticed,

I'll give you some facts in case you didn't know this,

this world likes to glorify the rich and the famous,

it's all over TV our whole lives can you blame us?

For wantin to grow up and live like a baller,

we believed money brought  happiness and shrunk problems smaller, but some lessons can only be learned with experience,

your advice to me will hardly ever make sense,

until I go through it and afterwards shake my head,

if I would have just listened to what my parents said.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Hit me with some feedback if you have any, thanks!!

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Another Day

This world can get crazy, turn on ya in a second,

tired of learning my life lessons through mistakes that got me stressing.

Meanwhile my minds racing through the night time, tired of snorting up lifelines waiting for the right time, to suffer through it all and get in my right mind, look inside, you'll be surprised what you might find.

I'm torn between living life the easy way, sliding by numb to the next day.  

In my mind there's been planted this seed, it makes me search for what I believe, passages speak to me like when I read, "My grace is all you need, my power is greatest when you are weak." I think Corinthians is saying just let him lead, I trust in Him as he breathes through me.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A short one that I came up with real quick, any feedback would be greatly appreciated thanks!!

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