Although it seems at times life moves so fast we have trouble keeping up

(Wasn’t it only yesterday our children were babies…our dog was just a pup?)


But there are times we look into the mirror and think as we grow old

how life doesn’t actually fly by….it evolves slowly…it unfolds.


And as life unfolds in front of us…at its slow and steady pace…

We see changes in our friends and family…we see it unfold upon our face.


So every now and then we stop and take a moment….allowing memories to rise

Memories of bygone moments that unfolded before your eyes.


Moments with our family and friends…when we were little girls or boys

Moments of great sorrow…

moments of great joy.


It is one of the wonders in an unfolding life…how our memories move so fast

that every now and then our present mixes with our past.


And we realize at these moments…before the moment’s done

how our present past and future have become united into one.


And for that one brief moment…our past, present and future pause for us to see…

and marvel in that moment…how we’re living in all three.


Perhaps that’s why times seems to move so fast…and before we know it we are old…

Perhaps that is the reason…

and the answer 


to how and why a life unfolds.

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