Looking up at the sky this morning

as clouds and colors fill the air

I have to wonder…

am I looking up at heaven


or already standing there?

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She crawled into her father’s lap…not long after Grandma died,

Still trying to process what had happened…still a little teary-eyed.


They were on the porch in Grandma’s rocker..when they heard a familiar buzz

“Daddy, are there hummingbirds in heaven?” She asked, “I’d like to know because…


that was Grandma’s favorite bird…she loved her hummingbirds so…

are there hummingbirds in heaven, Daddy…I’d really like to know?”


Her father started rocking…gently to and fro…

“Are there hummingbirds in heaven…” he said…”Let me tell you what I know…”


“Your Grandma talked a lot about hummingbirds…from the time I was a little boy

She called them little hearts with wings…little moments of fleeting joy.”


“She said a hummingbird is never afraid of a branch breaking…

because she has confidence in her wings.

She said when they spread their wings and fly and soar

they teach there’s beauty in the tiniest things.”


“She was always saying as she watched them come to the feeder then fly off to the sky

that hummingbirds are here to remind us how fast the time can fly…”


“And now that your grandma’s time with us is over…a little sooner than we planned

I think I can answer your question…I think I finally understand…”


“Are there hummingbirds in heaven you ask? 

Oh yes…you see the angels need someone to guide them…

and now that Grandma has wings of her own


she happily flying beside them.”

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