I bring to you a memory…a story that undertakes

to show we never know what lesson we will learn from our mistakes.


Years ago I took my students on a field trip to Tarpon Springs

We visited the sponge docks and took a boat ride…of all things.


The plan was…after we finished with our spongy ocean jaunt

we would eat a sit down lunch in a nice Greek restaurant.


I put all my students money in two envelopes in the pocket of my coat

one half was for the restaurant…the other for the boat.


The boat ride was magnificent…a fun morning in the sun

and after paying off our captain…he hugged us…everyone…


He made it a point to thank each one of us before we went away…

I wondered if all Greek captains were as happy…or just him…that day.


The meal at the restaurant was amazing……the perfect way to end our day

but I ran into a little snag when it came time to pay.


When I reached for the second envelope inside the pocket of my coat

I realized I’d given both envelopes…all our money…to the captain of the boat.


It seems what enhanced the captain’s happiness…was my tiny, little slip

as I gave him something in the neighborhood of a $300 dollar tip.


So there I was at the restaurant…where…to my dismay

after we all finished eating…I had no money left to pay.


My students were blissfully unaware…they seemed as happy as can be

so I reached into my wallet and took out my credit card…Plan B.


I have made a lot of mistakes in my life…and I’m sure I’m not done yet

but the mistake I made that day is one I never will forget….


It’s the day I learned mistakes can also be blessings

for when I see that captain’s smile in my memory from way back then

I like to think if given the chance


I’d make the same mistake…again.

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