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Shadows Deep

Love Poems

In shadows deep, where memories dwell,
I trace the echoes of a love now farewell.
Each heartbeat whispers of the pain untold,
A tale of loss, in sorrow's grip, I hold.


I've weathered storms of agony's embrace,
Endured the trials that life did trace.
A heart once shattered by a cruel attack,
Yet healing came, and I retraced my track.


When my faithful doggy breathed her last,
I mourned her absence, the void so vast.
Tears flowed freely for my mother dear,
Her absence, though heavy, I learned to bear.


But your departure, oh, it cuts so deep,
A wound unhealed, in sorrow's keep.
For in your absence, love's essence torn,
I'm left adrift, in anguish, worn.


I've faced the darkest nights, yet still, I rose,
Through trials and tribulations, my spirit knows
The resilience found in pain's cruel art,
But your absence, love, it breaks my heart.


As days slip by, the ache persists,
A testament to love's relentless twists.
For in losing you, I lost a part of me,
A pain profound, in its heart's lost key.


So here I stand, amidst the pain's cruel sting,
A soul adrift, where memories cling.
For though I've faced agony's might,
Your absence, my love, is an endless night.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Many edits and revisions later and it is finished. Now if only the pain was... As for the heart attack mentioned. Yes I actually had one. March 07th , 2024. I spent a while in the hospital.