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Into the void

I hear the agony of your joy

Echoing in the vast silence of my heart


Passionate cry’s

Filled with hatred

For wanting my love starved soul.


Your aching pleasures

Sooth my pain

And lift the desires

Of my deep but inevitable regret


Pulling and pushing

The limits of our realities,

Obscuring the vision of our desperate journey

That leads us into the infinite abyss

Of our mortal lives

Two Years/Three Months

Two years

Three months


Two years of pathetic thirst and wanting.

Three months of undying care and yearning.


You choose a woman with questionable morals.

You gave up a woman with outstanding sense of morality.


You gave up on me because you needed a fresh set of legs and a warm bed to sleep in.


Time will never determine a strength of a relationship.


It’s all in the chemistry, connection, and how they make you feel.


Your selfishness and greediness consumed you, making you paralyzed to all things that are right and wrong.


You think you are winning.


But you are not.


You lost.


I won.


Run to You

Band Lyrics



Verse 1:

Right now, I want to

Run to you.

Press your lips against mine's

While holding you

In a powerful embrace.

So, won't you run to me?



Everything has changed.

I want to run to you.

If only you'd feel the same.

I want to run to you

If you know that

We are better together.


Verse 2:

I could not say that

We were better apart.

Right now, I want to

Run to you

And hold you in my arms.

Won't you take me home?



I am always here, waiting.

Even now, I am waiting...

Like a fool that 

Wants to run to you.

Won't you think of me

As I run to you?

Right now, is the right time.

I will run to you.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Hopeless romantic...

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Gas Station

Ripping out your heart,

cashing in the check,

trading in,

getting even


Paying the bill,

wiping away the debt,

no more pain,

no more fret


Turn in your sex,

that's all you have,

to better pastors I roam

a free man


Opening my can,

you tried to spill out all

the contents into the sink,

but I resisted, I made bank


You left me with an empty tank,

in the middle of knowhere;

it was a long walk to get to the gas station

to come home again








Verse 1: I feel alive/Whenver I’m with you/Can you hear my heart/It beats only for you/Slow, steady, measured pulses/if you listened carefully/You’d realize its spirit in a crowded room
Chorus: If I could turn back time/It’ll be when I let you go/Beacuse I still am in love with you/I cannot move on/I cannot do anything/My days are filled/With memories of us/Can’t you show me love?
Verse 2: Show me love/Help me carry on/I’ll move on/If only for one/more chance with you

Bridge: Now, we cannot go back/I’ve thought it over/If it’s meant to be/Love will find a way/Love will light the path/Back to us/I can be your guiding light/If only you’d believe in us

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This took me two days to write (worked on it last week) and just finished it today (so, two days total). I just remembered I started a song but haven’t finished it yet. It’s inspired by my Acoustic Songs playlist on YouTube, if that helps. It’s obviously about two exes that still are in love with each other but for some reason: their forever which is a diamond ring not mentioned in the song, did not last as they both expected it to be. The diamond ring symbolizes esternity/forever with your significant other. For whatever reason, the now two exes broke off their engagement and one of the exes holds onto their love while the other lets go as the different parts of the songs show. I hope that is a good explanation for why I chose the lyrics to write as I did. It’s from personal experience as well.

Kuch apna sa

Tumhe jab pehli Baar dekha ,
Na jaane us ajnabi Ko dekh kar Kyun laga .....Kuch apna sa h
 Jab tumne pehli Baar dekha
 Na jaane us Nazar Ko dekh kar Kyun laga .....kuch apna sa h
Hamara pehli Baar aapas mei  baat krna
Na jaane un baaton mein Kyun laga ...kuch apna sa h 
Tumhara mujhe dekh kr Mann hi mann muskurana 
Na jaane us muskurahat mei Kyun laga..kuch apna sa h
Tumhara Apne dosto se jhuth bolkar, mujse baatein krne ka bahana dhundna...
Na jaane un choti choti baaton mein kyun laga....kuch apna sa h
Tumhara ek ajnabi,
 jis se tum kuch hi Dino pehle Mili thi, 
apni har baat batana 
Na jaane us maasumiyat mei Kyun laga...kuch apna sa h
Phir tumhara mujh se dheere dheere dur hona, 
Aur mera in dooriyon Ko nazdeekiyon mei badalne ki har koshish bekar hona,
Na jaane  us haar mei  Kyun laga.....kuch apna sa h
Phir tumhara mujh par Roz roz chillana, 
Na jaane us berukhi mei bhi Kyun laga....kuch apna sa h
Aur ab tumhara mujhe yun dekh kr undekha kr dena, 
Nazrein na Milana, 
Na jaane us anjaanepan mei bhi Kyun lagta h....kuch apna sa h
Thank you
Tanisha Pareek
Author's Notes/Comments: 

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Ogni volta che dici brutta parola a me

Quando discutiamo dei tuoi amici

Che è stato il tempo di rompere il mio cuore

Sono caduto così giù e niente

Basta mostrare che il tuo amico è importante

Più di me

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I wore my heart on my sleeve,

wrapped in barbed wire.

I wore a smile plastered on with glitter glue and tears.

I wore many a thing to hide the fact that I was a broken being,

left alone whenever others weren't talking about my or putting another golden dagger in my already bleeding heart.



Attention seeker they all called me.

It was not fair. I was innocent, with my heart in my chest.

Not a soul I let it's way into my life, or my legs for that matter.

They called me all these names,

said I would only fail in life, so I believed them.

I spent years trapped in cage of their doing, adn I guess a little of my own to.

But time heals all wounds, right?

How does a dusty old clock that does not exist fix all the problems of the world while creating more?

With little surprises and gifts here and there.

A little girl hears her mother cry for the first time, haunting her for life,

but gets put in a better home where she is treated human.

This created a dark cloud of mistrust in herself and in others.

A little girl finds she was meant to be a boy,

so he gets disowned, put into care of his father whom he never knew existed but as a faint mystery, and the best part,

finds love. Within thiss new found love, he found insecurities and fears he thought he left before the big move.

The two people mentioned, are but the same side of different coins.

They both look the same, but one is more rusted and beaten now,wh

ile the other has a new coat of polish and is feeling like a million bucks, this little quarter one.