Keeper (since winter will not go away)

You know it's a good read when you pull it from bed,
and take it to the pisser,
read it while standing.

Like a fun-girl, she stands with,
I hold her in my left hand,
she's parted,
my head tilted,
skimming her lines.


Two t-shirts on, pulled above my navel.
Mid March with 2 feet of snow on the ground,
damn winter,
it will not go away.
My underwear pulled and pinned beneath my balls,
I read,
trickle a little,
then some more.
Bring her back to bed,
and like the perfect being she is,
lying face down,
spread open to satisfy me.


Jim Creston
March 2001
All Rights Reserved



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Keeper of my Soul

Every single page is blank,
Every line so fresh.
More promising than old and dank;
Eager for my secrets.

Soft modest blue, so dull and dark,
Lips sealed, it won't recount
The words with which I made my mark
On paper that listens.

If my inspiration betrays,
Comfort it will supply.
Even on my darkest of days,
Into it's clutches I sink.

When people plug their ears and sneer,
When I am soon to fall,
My new journal will hold me dear,
The best friend of them all.

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