I wonder if the best way to describe us humans (yes, every other definition you can now expunge) is to simply say, for the record, every human is a sponge.


It makes perfect sense when you think about it…if you take the time to graph the composition of a human…water makes up over half.


Just look at how we learn…how we absorb new information into our brains…absorbed until each time we need it…we squeeze it out again.


Our souls absorb each days experiences…all our successes…all our scars…and each day what has been absorbed…changes who we are.


Yes, what is absorbed by our souls is what makes us who we are…and by our brains is what makes us smart…but, I believe, the ultimate proof that we are sponges can be found without our hearts.


It is through our hearts we absorb another person’s happiness and joy…where we absorb their sadness and their fears…and when we’re overflowing with either one…it is our heart that squeezes out our tears.


From the time when we are a little…a little girl…or little boy…it is through a hug we absorb directly…another person’s joy.


And I imagine there is no one who hasn’t felt…in their heart and soul and brain…when another person’s hug…has absorbed some of their pain.


So here’s to all the human sponges out there…

as we travel together on this orb….

may we never lose our softness 

and our ability to absorb.


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I imagine one of the first things we did…when we humans realized we were smart

was to give everything a label…so we could tell everything apart.


I’m a human, that’s an elephant, that’s a bird…that’s a manatee.

That’s a rock, that’s a tiger, that’s a flower…that’s a tree.


But sometime in our history…way back in humanities archives

we smart humans allowed those labels to control our very lives.


We began to see differences in each other that we hadn’t noticed there before

and suddenly I’m a human, you’re a human…wasn’t good enough anymore.


We were all humans once…I was me and you were you

until I became a Muslim, you a Catholic, me an immigrant…you a Jew.


I was white, you were black…I was yellow, you were red and I was grey.

You were German, I was French, you were straight and I was gay.


Certainly some labels can be beneficial when used to assist both you or me…

You have epilepsy, I’m near-sighted, you have asthma…I am gluten free.


When we use our labels for good…then good is who we’ll be

but when we use our labels for bad it leads to hate and bigotry.


For labels cannot tell us what’s inside a person’s heart

and in the end...all bad labels do...is push us all apart.


Which makes me long for a time when we weren’t so smart…

when everyone agreed…

that human…

only human…

is all the only label we would need.

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What if the Gods created the most beautiful planet

and filled it with valleys and mountains and trees

with wildflowers that bloom in Spring

with fishes, and birds and bees.


What if they added waterfalls…and ladybugs…an occasional butterfly

and sunrises and sunsets so colorful they kaleidoscope the sky.


And what if once they were finished the Gods were so elated

with the beauty and magnificence of the planet they created


they decided this beauty needed to be experienced to be felt…and thus

what if the Gods created people to enjoy it…what if the Gods created us.


What if the Gods hoped we’d not only appreciate the love and beauty that surround us

but spread that love and beauty to everyone and everything around us.


What if the Gods never dreamed anything bad would happen

What if the Gods were wrong…

What if the people tainted the beauty the Gods created

What if the people could not get along.


And what if now every time the Gods look down on us

every time they realize their mistake…

their tears fall as rain from the heavens

filling our oceans our rivers…our lakes.


What if the Gods created the most beautiful planet

with but one hope…that we’d enjoy it…

What if the Gods created the most beautiful planet…

and all we did…was destroy it.

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No Turn Back Here


I can’t go back from where I am now, too late to look back, Move on before the future moves on without you. I know it hurts very bad, but no matter what keep moving forward. It’ll never get any easier when something is in the way, it’ll never move unless you do. Never stop, run and keep running until you can’t run anymore. See the future, shape the future. Hear the sounds, know the sounds. Smell the air, never live despair.You are the only one who may leave away from here.

So beware.

Especially without fear.


Because you will never know when you may never wake for real.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Talk in time to burn within a lie.

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My number. 7 Michael

My name. 7 Anthony

My life. 7 Messere

Patience, I have it. Time, we all don’t. Fate, I got mine.

Take all we do, give unto you, know all we know, wake we must do.

Feeling with the flow, In this place we must grow, nothing to really know.

But I have you…

Brought me to see the other side, darker than any night sky.

Younger than the ideal vertically across from the great blue skies.

My feelings are hurt and I’m dead inside, doesn't  mean I need to run or hide,

I’m her only alibi…

Stars swirling around in my head, the thought of her arousing thoughts that were once dead.

Forget I said anything, Is what she always said, love made me afraid of him,

Keep running until he can’t catch up, now I’m here and you’re here to yell,

The call of crimson, within the 9th realm, all come to join us,

Pain is 777.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

777 is me.

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Poor Life

Aghhhhhhhhhhhhh tired asf rn boi,

Coming out with this here new toy,

Understand I only smoke loud,

Don’t come around with shit sound,

Kick you back heart attack,

Fat stack miss that stick flick,

Candle wick burnt until the tip,

Burnt down with a smile around,

Diamonds made by a child a pound,

Whose moms and dads singled out,

Slavery joined the crowd,

Heads keep blocking,

Shoulders keep knocking,

Feet keep stomping,

As long as I’m never stopping,

People won’t run out,


Until the time becomes now.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Don't hate because of words. They are only how I feel. Sorry and thank you.

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Cell Phones


All my life I have been looking for my purpose to life, my reason to live.

I have only successfully found my own interests finally.

I have wrote many papers, many documents and many stories.

None were more outstanding than my wreck of a life.

You have to blame yourself when you want the pain to out strain while the emotions tear holes through fiery memories that accend deeply into my own thoughts carried out by my brain.

So many blinded by the light they hold close.

So many lost to the light they once produced.

So many tortured to the light they claim as salvation.

So many lost to the very instrument they have sworn wouldn't consume their very canvas.

As they stare into the abyss they only see the collection of others and not themselves.

To deep they sink into the Earth only to be a magnificent bird who flies when the tide grows to high.

So as they painted, they created their own demise.

Technology, once again.

The canvas is as blank as the painter.



Author's Notes/Comments: 

Little to no creativity left in this world. Just monoploy.

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Oh my God! We’re on the brink of war…what are we to do?

Have you ever watched a hummingbird sip the morning dew?


People killing one another…hate is everywhere!

Have you ever watched the sun rise in the cool, crisp mountain air?


These people are afraid of those people…they want build a wall!

Have you ever stopped and marveled…at the colors of the fall?


Countries do not talk anymore…all they want to do is fight!

Have you ever noticed how the ocean shimmers…and sparkles in the night?


Earth was existing long before us…and this fact is perfectly clear…

When we humans have destroyed ourselves…Earth will still be here.


I hope the next species who inhabit Earth…the next ones who populate her shores

Will find it in their hearts and souls to try a little more…


To live in peace and harmony and somehow find a way


To relish in the beauty…she offers every day.

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If you want others to be happy- practice compassion

If YOU want to be happy- practice compassion.

The Dalai Lama



What is it that makes us human?

I imagine most people would agree…

an essential human attribute…

is our humanity.


Compassion, generosity, benevolence…

acting honorably…

kindness, a tender heart…and love…

these are the definitions of humanity.


It is precisely our kindness and generosity

that allows humanity to thrive…

Without them…without love…without compassion…

humanity cannot survive.


Until we embody this definition

humans we will not be.

For humans cannot be humans...


without humanity.

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