What if the Gods created the most beautiful planet

and filled it with valleys and mountains and trees

with wildflowers that bloom in Spring

with fishes, and birds and bees.


What if they added waterfalls…and ladybugs…an occasional butterfly

and sunrises and sunsets so colorful they kaleidoscope the sky.


And what if once they were finished the Gods were so elated

with the beauty and magnificence of the planet they created


they decided this beauty needed to be experienced to be felt…and thus

what if the Gods created people to enjoy it…what if the Gods created us.


What if the Gods hoped we’d not only appreciate the love and beauty that surround us

but spread that love and beauty to everyone and everything around us.


What if the Gods never dreamed anything bad would happen

What if the Gods were wrong…

What if the people tainted the beauty the Gods created

What if the people could not get along.


And what if now every time the Gods look down on us

every time they realize their mistake…

their tears fall as rain from the heavens

filling our oceans our rivers…our lakes.


What if the Gods created the most beautiful planet

with but one hope…that we’d enjoy it…

What if the Gods created the most beautiful planet…

and all we did…was destroy it.

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I learned acceptance early in life as my household was a little odd

My father was German Jewish…my mother Irish Catholic…

which meant they prayed to different gods.


I was exposed to both religions and the more and more I grew

when I was asked…I never knew…if I was a Catholic…or a Jew?


Whenever someone sneezed next to me…I didn’t know what to do!

Should I say Gesundheit…or Shalom…or go with God bless you?


But being raised with this disparity was one of the beauties of my growth

for having two religions meant that I accepted both.


And when I went out into the world it made it easier to be

more accepting of all the other people who did not think like me.


I made friends with people whose Gods had different names, 

different clothing, different hues…

whose Gods did not resemble at all the two Gods that I knew.


But having grown up with two Gods I found it easy to get along

for whose to say my Gods are right and all their Gods are wrong.


And though it’s made acceptance easier 

as I’m able to see how each God pleases…

It has left me now more confused than ever…

when anybody sneezes.  

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Gods of Chaos



Gods of Chaos,

I invoke thine

primal fire


Beasts of burden,

be mine;

be under my control


Loki, zeus, Set,

Tiamat, Hades,

Odin, Marduk,



Gods of Chaos,

warlords of hatred,

I invoke thine aid


Summon this rage,

summon this power,

help me to transmute all weakness


Turn my coal into gold;

turn my darkness into light,


Gods of Chaos

I am ready to ascend out of Tartarus



What they call "sin"

is really just freedom;

freedom of choice,

freedom to be


Master slavers,

taking what you earn,

parasites they hinder your progress


hiding the knowledge of within,

they cut you off from the source,

calling it "evil"


From the gods of chaos,

they keep you ignorant,

and  in chains


Controlling your perception

of reality, you are crippled

in your possibility


To become god within,

you must realize god without

for both are the same. 





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When otters were born,


Mother earth smiled on them,


For she realized they were special indeed.


They had the warmth of a summer day


Hidden in their souls.


Because they were special, she gifted them


With speed.


She showed them to her brother,


The rain god.


He also realized they were special,


So he gifted them with


His love of water.


And that is how


They became


The otters we know today.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is a new poem.