Soon after World War 2 was weathered

The United Nations got together…

and after hearing of the peoples plight

created a declaration…of human rights.


Appalled at all the lives we lost

and sickened by the Holocaust

The UN set about decreeing

A set of rights for human beings.


Every person has these rights they declared

In any location…anywhere.

Every human…from their inception

Every human…without exception.


Every human is endowed they said

with reason, a conscience and should use their head

and every person everywhere should

act in the spirit of brotherhood.


Since the UN declaration 70 years ago

We have made progress…but much too slow.

We have not learned from our mistakes

and now our existence is at stake!


We must treat each person with dignity

each as a member of our family.

For when we become kind humans we will find

one world…one family…one humankind.


Or 70 years from now

If we don’t ensure everyone’s human rights…somehow…

If we continue to live in a world where human rights are bereft…


there won’t be any humans left.


There is so much that is wrong with the United States…

and even though our founders were farsighted

the country they created

Is far from one united.


But as I marched with women yesterday 

through the streets in broad daylight

I was focused less on what is wrong with our country…

and more on what is right.


I marched with people I’d never met before

I marched with them…shoulder to shoulder

I marched with many people younger than me

I marched with many people older.


I marched with people of different religions

Different colors,…different abilities

Different sizes, different sexual preferences

Different shapes and ethnicities.


We came together for our own reasons

different objectives…varying appetites…

but we had one thing in common…

we marched for human rights.


We marched so all humans can be free

We marched to show all humans that we care…

We marched so all humans can be safe…

We marched for humans…everywhere


We marched to change what we think is wrong with our country…

Humans united in one crowd

And as we marched together I couldn’t help thinking…


Our founders would be proud.

Perhaps It's Time

Although it may be difficult sometimes

in this world I’m trying to create...

I will not acknowledge your anger with anger...

I will not return your hate...with hate.


If you choose to bully me

I will not bully back.

Nor will I cower in the face of fear

for courage...I do not lack.


I believe in human rights

the rights of everyone to be free

and I gladly lend my voice to the chorus

of peace and harmony.


Hate has tried to rule the world

from every demagogue to tsar.

When you take a look at history...

how’s that worked out so far?


So although it may be difficult sometimes

in this world I’m trying to enhance...

I will return your hate with love...


it’s the only way peace has chance!

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