There is so much that is wrong with the United States…

and even though our founders were farsighted

the country they created

Is far from one united.


But as I marched with women yesterday 

through the streets in broad daylight

I was focused less on what is wrong with our country…

and more on what is right.


I marched with people I’d never met before

I marched with them…shoulder to shoulder

I marched with many people younger than me

I marched with many people older.


I marched with people of different religions

Different colors,…different abilities

Different sizes, different sexual preferences

Different shapes and ethnicities.


We came together for our own reasons

different objectives…varying appetites…

but we had one thing in common…

we marched for human rights.


We marched so all humans can be free

We marched to show all humans that we care…

We marched so all humans can be safe…

We marched for humans…everywhere


We marched to change what we think is wrong with our country…

Humans united in one crowd

And as we marched together I couldn’t help thinking…


Our founders would be proud.

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Beautiful!  though  i wonder

Beautiful!  though  i wonder whose values did the march really represent?  Races have a right to exist but so do cultures. Help people in their homelands and spread the love. Himan rights are needed where there is very little or none.

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