As they grew old together he wondered:

How many moments have they shared in all their years?

How many times have they said, “I love you.”

How many smiles?

How many tears?


How many whispers?

How many kisses?

How many walks along a stream?

How many hugs?

How many wishes?

Who many hopes and dreams?


How many Christmas’s

How many summer vacations?

How many drops of morning dew…

How many family dinners?

How many children and grandchildren too?


As he attempted to count the moments

and set them them all to rhyme…

he thought…

perhaps this is what love is…


Losing track of how many times.

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He was moving out to be on his own. 

She was filled with happiness…and dread

“Drive safe…don’t forget to call me when you get there…

and remember…I love you…she said.


“Mom!” he said rolling his eyes, then smiling facetiously, 

“I wonder in all the years I’ve lived here…

how many times have you said I love you to me.”


Which immediately started her thinking as her heart was beginning to bleed

“How many times have I said I love you?” she whispered.

“How many times indeed.”


“How many times have I held you in my arms?

How many times have I seen you laugh, seen you cry?

How many times have I read you a story or sang you a lullaby?”


“How many sandwiches have I made for you?

How many cookies or pies or ice cream?

How many lunches have I packed you over the years

How many times have I watched as you dream?”


“How many times have I worried about you?

How many solutions to your problems did I seek?

How many times have I bandaged your knees?

How many tears have I wiped from your cheeks?”


“In all of the times I’ve hugged you hello,”

She said as a tear fell from her eye,

“I never dreamed this day would come

the first time I’d be hugging goodbye.”


“So no matter how many times we say goodbye

each time for me is going to be rough

and no matter how many times I’ve told you I love you


one more time is never enough.”


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