For The Virtuous Woman








For The Virtuous Woman



Life is bearable.—

For the virtuous woman,

Please don't ever change!


A bitten apple is in my hand,

My jaws are not free even for a second,

All of a sudden,

The beautiful sky gets gloomy once again!


The furious storm is at work,

It’s getting dark,

At that very moment I think of the poor,

Who can barely stand the nature’s roar!


When the trees are dancing madly,

I feel something wonderful, something heavenly!

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Is it easy to forget the most beautiful woman

I have ever come across?

The one for whom my days and nights pass

That saintly, angelic lass?


Is it possible for the heart and mind,

Not to miss the beloved?

Especially the one who surpasses all,

The SHE: Forever vowed?


The little school girl, radiantly beaming,

Dressed up in green and white;

The girl who grew into the best woman,

On whom I 've set my sight?


You, O poetess, you came along,

And we shared some best moments,

But you want me to forget her,

My own...in green and white?


It's not just to demand so O poetess,

You have been very good to me,

Whiled away my oft-lonely times,

With your 'grin' and your finesse.


You say you will always love me,

While I am at a fight,

Yet you broke off just on a whim,

Of a phone call ... very 'light'.


I thank you O talented poetess,

For being so nice to me,

But you doubt me and my intentions,

Will you agree or disagree?


You wandered off in waves of grief,

Some years ago,,,yes, I do recall,

You were drowning in River Styxx,

Slipped over a fall.


Yet, I thank you, with all my heart,

For those lovely times we had,

The thorn that came in between us,

To "forget, who rules my heart".


Lost her to fate, lost her to time,

Whatever you may say,

Yet, she stands out much too tall,

Over all....in every way.


Her heart and mine are still bonded,

Beyond all time and space,

She lives and will live on for me,

By The God's most divine grace.


You too lost a man you loved,

Can you forget him?

The Arab who meant the whole to you,

Can you that memory dim?


Say not words like worldly folks,

Who little know of LOVE?

You suggest me: no, it was no love,

But my whole it does soak.


Her soul in heaven comes to me,

Whenever I am alone,

Her soft, sweet, enchanting voice,

Is my best musical tone.


If you can, try to gauge the heart,

And try to fathom why,

I cannot ever forget Daphne John*,

No matter how I try.


A woman like her I haven't seen,

Her virtues are countless,

My beloved she will always be,

And much more....let me stress!


Her walks with me in Baltimore,

Her sunsets spent with me,

On the wavy rocks of 'Fornia*

Are always an encore.


You are my friend but to urge that,

I forget my BELOVED GIRL,

The girl who grew up an angel,



And do remember that our souls,

Of Daphne's and mine,

Were unified by The Almighty,

And bathed in spiritual wine.


Not you O dear, sweet poetess,

Not you...No one exists,

That can shear this God-blessed bond,

The universe is our witness.


Yes, I miss her, more than often,

In the afternoons when I,

Would share the lunch of love,

When eyes talk and eyes listen.


I miss her during the dusky hours,

And recall those beautiful times,

When wrapped up in her velvet shawl,

We sang till Venus* appears.


With she asking me several questions,

With delightful eyes in awe,

I would simply gaze high and higher,

And reply to what we saw.


In her teens, she was prettier,

Than all those in this world,

On a pre-dawn night, I remember,

Her sleepy demeanour.


I cannot forget her gently playing,

The piano as moonlight shone,

Innocent, dainty, her fingers tuned,

To the song she was singing.


When the dark clouds of rain,

Would gather above us,

Pure drops would trickle down her face,

That would make Helen*look vein.


It is simply not within my grasp,

It is beyond control,

To even thinking of forgetting her,

We: two halves of a whole.


On nights I am often awake,

And see her in front of me,

Smilingly she would gaze and gaze,

These visions are not fake.


Yes, you can say I am crazy,

And may always be this way,

But there's no power on earth,

That can part us away.


For, it is with The Good God's will,

She shook hands with me and smiled,

A girl, a maiden, then a woman,

Destined to scale the hill.


She will never depart from me,

The halves of a single soul,

O poetess, deem it "insane"

She's always MY DAPHNE







Author's Notes/Comments: 

*DAPHNE JOHN: My unforgettable, charming and angelic schoolmate, who is also and will always be my FIRST and EVERLASTING LOVE. Hearts who truly love never part...never...not in this worldly life nor the Hereafter. Daphne...O! Do not envy.

*FORNIA: A short term for the city of California in the USA.

*VENUS: The brightest object in our solar system is the planet Venus. It is named after the mythological Greece's most beautiful woman. To know more read the Grecian myths and legends especially about our planets, stars and zodiac signs.


*HELEN: Helen of Troy deemed to be the most beautiful woman of her time as described by Homer in his poems "The Illiad" and "The Odyssey". 
I know that there are many beautiful and virtuous women in this world but to me it will always be my "Forever Spring" Daphne John.

This poem is in fact an inspired rejoinder to THE PALE WINGED POETESS' most recent poem in which she writes beautiful verses but her words do not even have the spirituality or other worldliness outlook that can make her sit quietly and ponder on the ethereal bonds made between two halves of a soul by The God Almighty Who rules the world and even the universe. My request to her is not to measure or even try to make a simile or a metaphor of the immense and boundless as well as depthless love The Creator Almighty has blessed upon the two of us: DAPHNE AND ME. I wish she does not mistake my poem and comes up with another rejoinder because no rejoinder can work. No one can make me forget my beloved and divine Daphne. May The God Almighty Allah bless her wherever she is in His infinite Kingdom. 

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Fairies Waltz

Just a thought!

Fairies Waltz

Amidst the soft, southern breeze, in the whispering willows,
Sweet fairies, rising up, thru a wondrous dance...
Their heavenly bodies, caressing the air,
Parading the stars, with an innocent glance.
Pixie dust trails, as they waltz, hand in hand,
Mystical creatures, wisping butterfly wings...
Playful encounters, as they pass one another,
Little touches, parchment kisses and things.
Timeless ballerinas, bringing light to our eyes,
They are magical gifts, we all see...
Embrace with your heart, as they dance in your head,
These Fairies, will help set you free!

                         by Barry Anderson        

Author's Notes/Comments: 

"Embrace your dreams!"