Grin and Wink

I grinned as he smiled at me
Blushing from his teasing look

He winked letting me know he is interested
And damn! I wanted to read all the pages of his book

As he touched my hand and kissed it
My lower area became misty

As he grabbed me and held me
I knew that he could feel the heat within me

All from a grin and wink
It is now my husband’s love that I drink…

By: Ebony Blessings
All rights reserved

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A flirting day....

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Fairies Waltz

Just a thought!

Fairies Waltz

Amidst the soft, southern breeze, in the whispering willows,
Sweet fairies, rising up, thru a wondrous dance...
Their heavenly bodies, caressing the air,
Parading the stars, with an innocent glance.
Pixie dust trails, as they waltz, hand in hand,
Mystical creatures, wisping butterfly wings...
Playful encounters, as they pass one another,
Little touches, parchment kisses and things.
Timeless ballerinas, bringing light to our eyes,
They are magical gifts, we all see...
Embrace with your heart, as they dance in your head,
These Fairies, will help set you free!

                         by Barry Anderson        

Author's Notes/Comments: 

"Embrace your dreams!"