grow up

What I Want To Be (when I grow up)

Now this is a tale I wish I'd been told

Back when I was 8 years old

When teacher said now listen here

It's about time that you found careers

Something that will make you wealthy

And keep your family fed and healthy

Something that may not be much fun

But the benefits are second to none


And so I listened to each child say

What they want to be some day

Some said nurses, some said vets

One said teach the alphabet

“Wouldn't you like to be a judge?”

No says I, I will not budge

Then Teacher said, whilst turning purple,

I could not be a ninja turtle

Nor a wizard or a beanstalk farmer

And superhero was not the answer

I'd rather not be stacking shelves

When I could discover trolls and elves

She fires choices at me 1, 2, 3

But fireman does not appeal to me

Nor policing or a dentist

Can't I be a magicians apprentice?

“No!” she screeched, losing all control

“I'm tired of this rigmarole!”

“You just do not seem to understand”

“How important it is to have this planned!”

So I sat and listened to this pedagogue

And her long and dreary monologue

By the end it was so plain to see

That she had almost given up on me

So at this point I offer my apology

And said I'd like to do archaeology

She said “hooray!The boys come round!”

“What's made you want to dig underground?”

I'd like to sail from sea to shore

To discover my own dinosaur

It's a job I'll find much more exciting

Than stuck inside an office writing

And once I've found this once fearsome beast

With giant claws and razor teeth

I'd bring him back from non existence

And ask him for some job assistance

“Don't be silly”, Teacher said

“You can't bring things back that once were dead”

She says I'm mad and wide of the mark

I take it she's not seen Jurassic Park?


She was so angry and could take no more

And she threw me in the corridor

I tried one last time to really thrill 'er

I told her I really could find Godzilla


She screamed "I cannot take this anymore!" 

And on that note she slammed the door

So I reflect that maybe I've gone too far

But I don't care for bags of money or fancy cars


Life's too short and far too fleeting

To be in and out of office meetings

So to give up on your dreams and magic

To work in a bank would be quite tragic

So if you want to avoid catastrophe

It's time to listen carefully

Never give up on your wildest dreams

And you'll end up where you're meant to be

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Letting go of the reigns

letting go of the reigns



the day you were born i knew life would never be the same


and holding you i knew i would protect you from lifes game


you're my number 1 priority and its a job i take to heart


no one will ever hurt you for this world they will surely part


as you grew your need for me slowed but still i was always there


i kept my distance but was still quite near to step in cuz i care


and then it happened so darn fast you grew up right before my eyes


you went from a child so small to a grown up adult oh how time flies


now that your grown im no longer needed to protect you any more


but its integrated into my being and its hard to let go of the reigns


i've been there for you all your life and i know its not been in vain


this is how lifes supposed to be and someday you will understand


that when you to have a child of your own it's instinct and not planned


when its my time to go then and only then will i give up all that remains


when passing over to the other side olny then will i let go of the reigns




Author's Notes/Comments: 

this one i wrote for my children who are adults now they sure do grow up fast!!!


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Home Sweet Home

There comes a time when your surroundings becomes too familiar.

you know every pothole, 

every crack in the pavement, 

even the clouds seem never changing. 

it's then that you know you must break from the comfort of your shell and fly.