There are so many breathtaking moments as the days drift idly by…

so much we’ll never quite understand… 

so many times we’ll be wondering…why…


Why…for instance as life constantly adjusts and rearranges…

the moment you decide to change your life

is the moment your life changes?


Why…the moment you go as far as you can see…

do you begin to see much more

because once you reach this point…

you see farther than you ever saw before?


Why…the moment you decide to be a happier person

when you stop and think it through

is the moment you begin to be happier

and the world seems happier, too? 


Why…the moment you begin to find joy in the little things

where you live and work and dwell

is the moment you begin to find joy 

in the bigger things as well?


And why I wonder…when you’re out chasing butterflies

as many are won’t to do

the moment you stop chasing them


is the moment they land on you?

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If I could I would go back and do things differently.

Regret is opportunities worst enemy.

If I would’ve stayed would things have changed anyway?

Or like a memory would my appearance still fade away?

If I put in the work required would I be a different person?

Because as time goes on this spiritual sickness I have continues to worsen.

If I were normal I wonder what my life would be like?

Perhaps my insides would match my outsides.

If I was fearless would I be further along than I currently am?

Stricken by a lack of confidence has caused great detriment.

If I had higher self esteem would I still care what people think?

Usually these feelings and thoughts have pushed me to the brink.

If I had what I desired would I finally be content?

Stuck in the same spot has caused bitterness and resentment.

If I had better words would I be a better poet?


My rhymes and experiences put together really show it.

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