Salustiano Sanchez-Blazquez died this week and tho I can’t say I was a fan

What made this story significant...he was the world’s oldest man.


He was born in 1901...the mathematics you may forego 

According to my calculations, that’s 112 years ago.


When someone asked Salustiano how he kept his death at bay

He said, “I took 6 Anacin tablets and ate a banana every day.”


We live in an odd yet wonderful know I speak the truth

When I say here in America we celebrate our youth.


We want to look and feel younger that’s very plain to see

Just flip through any magazine or turn on your TV.


If you don’t think the desire to look young runs rampant through the human race

Then why do people take a bacteria and inject it in their face?


If you don’t think that old age is something many fear

Then why were 15 million plastic surgeries completed just last year?


In many ways if you think about it a youthful bill of good we’re being sold

Because from the minute of our conception...we all are getting old.


I have no problem with people changing or any procedure they go through

If trying to look younger makes them feel better too.


But I believe we should be encouraged from the moment be begin

To embrace each moment of our life no matter what age we’re in.


To me life is a miracle...a wonder to behold

When we are babies, teens, or middle aged...yes even when we’re old.


So, so long Saluistiano as from this life you have withdrawn

May we celebrate the life you lived not just the fact you’re gone.


And as for me, at 60, getting older has really been a treat

Now if you will excuse I need to take some Anacin and I’ve got a banana to eat.






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