To Grow in the Rain

The clouds are gray
And not a sign of sunlight in sight.
Clear droplets fall on the sky and bathe the world.
It is getting cold, but my heart is getting warm.
The sound of rain makes me feel safe.
Here I am, here you are
We are rained out, but we smile at each other.
Having nothing to do may become something to do.
Care to watch the rain with me?
Sit close to me and I will give you my hand.
The sound of rain makes me feel safe.
We watch the show as the rain falls.
It covers the roads and parts of the grass
Sometimes it rains so much it creates a small lake.
We watch each other, telling ourselves how blessed we are
To spend this moment together, just you and I alone.
We hear nothing, but the rain and thunder
It is music to our ears.
We close our eyes and our arms around us tight.
Lightning strikes next to us, but we are not scared.
The sound of rain makes me feel safe.
Why do people sing for the rain to go away?
They are deprived of the most beautiful weather.
Why tell it to come back another day when we can savor it?
The rain begets water and water is life.
Our friendship is growing like the plants during the storm.
We take deep breaths to fill our lungs with this cool air.
We hold hands again as the sky gets darker and it rains harder.
The sound of rain makes me feel safe.
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99.9 percent of the time, your aim precise. If poetry was archry you could split a straw from  400 plus.  a connoisseur of words , but a prodigy first, oblivous untill pencil met paper through your hands. lap after lap, your fingers run relay. And your still getting better with time, and making better time. Who's online, it displays the names of users currently logged in. i wanted to write something real, in truth. When i need inspiration, you inspire. i read your name among the list of the current, and click post a poem. And it is well deserved. So this is for you. Blood of my blood, and in that bond, you my sister. you make mother proud, And your only getting better. transcending firefly to star light.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

 dedicated to my sis username healingwoman 10 good

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