It’s funny what we remember about people…

the little things that stick inside our head…

today I am remembering

something she always said. 


You knew there was something special about her

from the moment she would meet you…

There was this wonderful kind of elegance

in the way that she would greet you


And every time thereafter

she would greet you the same way…

She’d make you feel unique…exceptional

when ‘Hello, my darling’…she would say


‘Hello, my darling’ 

it was a simple message…

genuine and clear 

‘Hello, my darling’ 

three little words 

that became music to our ears.


Because when she said ‘Hello, my darling’

we knew she meant every word she said

which is why ‘Hello, my darling’

still echoes inside our heads…


She’s not hear to greet us anymore

to help us start our day

but one of the gifts of memory

is how we hear ‘Hello, my darling’ anyway…


‘Hello, my darling’ will always bring a smile to our faces

and tears into our eyes…

What we wouldn’t give for one more ‘Hello, my darling’


now that she’s said her last goodbye.

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How is it some friends can make us feel happy

make us feel whole

reach down into our hearts


and find their way into our souls?

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They meet there every morning…every day of every year.

At the end of the pier they gather…with all their fishing gear.


Sometimes they greet each other by first names

Sometimes they smile instead….

Sometimes it’s a simple gesture…

a wave or a nod of the head.


As they bait their hooks and cast their lines

they chatter endlessly

about their lives, their families and sometimes fishing…

these old fishermen by the sea.


If you ask them, will they ever miss a day of fishing

they quickly say… “We won’t.”

And they are happy if they catch a fish

but just as happy if they don’t.


For though it was fishing that brought them together 

now, it seems to me,

it’s about so much more than fishing


for these old fishermen by the sea.


3 girls grow up in a neighborhood…brought together by the hands of fate

too innocent to know back then the breadth of the friendship they’d create.


Three girls now 3 good friends…spending the best part of their childhood

laughing and running and playing together…through the streets of their neighborhood .


Three girls…now three adults…older…more mature

knowing no matter where life takes them…their friendship will endure.


Three girls…now older ladies…who, after marriages and motherhood,

rekindled the magic of that friendship they formed in childhood.


Three women…who, when they get together, somehow seem to glow

in the beauty of a friendship created all those years ago..


For is there anything more beautiful than 3 women enjoying the present… 

appreciative of the friendship they’ve amassed

and looking forward to a future 


held together by the past?

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Why is it when we walk alone and as we round another bend

oftentimes we cannot wait for the road ahead to end…


But when we walk that same road and we are joined by friends

Why is it, as we walk together,


we don’t want that road to end?

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I was thinking about my friends other day…and got to wondering…

here’s the thing…

I have a friend who loves to dance…and one who loves to sing


I have a friend I’ve known most of my life…and another I’ve recently met…

I have a friend who dislikes animals and another who surrounds herself with pets.


I have a friend who loves ice cream…another who only eats cake

I have a friend who hates the sight of reptiles and another who loves her snakes.


I have a friends who is an artist…another who isn’t but loves to draw

I have a friend who is a doctor and one who practices law….


I have a friend who loves the beach…she loves the weather when it’s hotter

I have a friend who loves the cold and won’t go near the water.


Yes, as I count my diverse friendships…I realize with pride

that I have many people in my life Im honored to stand beside….


So here’s the thing I was wondering…how many of us truly comprehend

how lucky we are to begin even one sentence with the words…


I have a friend…

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After spending a day with old friends…remembering how our lives have intertwined

I smile as this old poem comes blissfully to mind:



They met as strangers…unfamiliar…apprehensive…

that first meeting…tentative but sweet.

Which, when you stop to think about it, is how most people meet.


From this uncertain beginning…a relationship extends

They find they have a lot in common…

and strangers become friends.


Their friendship is strengthened by laughter, by sharing hopes and dreams,

by holding on to one another as they ride through life’s extremes.


But life is unpredictable…as often is the way…

causing friends to bid adieu…to go their separate ways.


They part amid some sadness, yet happy at what they’ve achieved…

for they have given the gift of friendship, 

and friendship they’ve received.


Years slip by until they meet again…this meeting…still tenderhearted

It’s as if there was no loss of time…as if they never parted.


They are experiencing one of life’s wonders…shared happily by old friends…

That friendship has no time limit…that it’s memory never ends.


Yes, old friends understand the secret…new friends will one day learn…

That friendship never says goodbye…


but waits patiently for its return.

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As you grow a little older…oh the wonders you behold…

You find you can enjoy the new things…but you’re still drawn back to the old.


Your old jeans are most comfortable…you’ve worn them for so long.

You find enjoyment in an old book…you love to sing old songs.


As you grow a little older…the more your life extends

you find comfort and contentment…in the bosom of old friends.


Old friends bring with them old memories…old memories that interplay

Old memories that, when reawakened…still take your breath away.


You relive the joys you shared together…You relive the sorrows and the fears.

You share some of that old laughter…and replicate old tears…


As you grow a little older…you begin to comprehend

one way to feel young again…is spending time amidst old friends.


Yes, as you grow a little older…you find you wake up gratified…


knowing even when you’re not together…old friends are by your side.

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The seeds of friendship are fragile…

They can be sown wherever we go

but they need to be cared for tenderly

if friendship is ever to grow…


I recently reconnected with friends I hadn’t seen since high school.

A wonderful group of women…lovely women, mothers and wives…

Who have known each other and remained good friends

for their entire lives….


As I watched these 6 old friends…

whose affections flow so effortlessly

I couldn’t help thinking how their seeds of friendship

have blossomed beautifully.


How, since their seeds were scattered,

through all their good fortunes and tragedies.

through all their joys and sorrows…

they've been cared for tenderly…


And how those seeds have blossomed

making their smiles a little wider…

their laughs  a little louder

and their world a little brighter.


And I thought how lucky these women are…

and how lucky I am to know

6 women who sit in the shade of a friendship


they planted long ago.

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