To get my only offspring back

To get my only offspring back in my arms 

I'm willing to do anything, going to great lengths 

just doesn't do my love and dedication justice

Just in case you're not yet listening

I'm currently tortured with what I'm missing

If you didn't know that about me

Than you don't know who I've become

If you doubt that I won't do everything possible 

than you clearly don't know who I am 

surely you have no idea about what I'm made of 

you may be doubting my newfound fatherly love 

If you're not willing to give your all 

then even push harder 

you may not have what is takes to be a father

As a parent, If you're not willing to do that

Your spirit animal must be a doormat 

I'm on a mission

To get my only offspring back in my arms

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When I was young I didn’t quite understand my shoulders,

“Shoulders!” I would scoff. 

“Why they’re just here to help hold up my head

and to keep my shirts from falling off”.


It wasn’t until I became a parent…until I became a Dad

that I finally came to realize the importance my shoulders had.


Soon after that blessed day…it really didn’t take long

to realize why my shoulders were there…

and why they needed to be strong.


When my children were so very young

when their life still so brand new

my shoulders were there for them to ride on

and see life from a different point of view.


And when they grew a little older…as their life unfurled

my shoulders were there for them to stand on…

as they stepped into the world.


Along the way I learned a funny thing about my shoulders 

for…near as I can tell

not only do they have to be strong…

but they need to be soft as well.


Strong so my children can lean on them 

when their life is filled with dread

And soft, when they need comfort, 

for a place to lay their head.


Yes, everyday when I look in the mirror 

I have a million reasons to be elated

not the least of which is knowing 

why my shoulders were created.

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I had this dream while growing up…that I’d be a millionaire

l’d live in a beautiful house, drive a fancy car…there’d be money everywhere.


I’d float through a life of happiness…I’d seldom wear a frown.

I’d have no reason to be sad because…I’d be the richest man in town.


It’s funny how life sometimes has other plans…how different dreams unfold

when on a teacher’s salary, now with a family…I put my initial dream on hold.


There were mouths to feed and bills to pay…facts I couldn’t deny

Now I dreamed of health and happiness with enough money to get by.


Yes, growing up I had this dream…as many young people do

but I never dreamed I could be happy if a different dream came true. 


My dream house isn’t as big nor my dream car quite as fancy…

but I found I do not care

I have a beautiful wife, a wonderful family…I have joy and love everywhere.


I’d like to tell you the exact moment when it happened…but I don’t think I can…

when the young boy’s dreams from long ago gave way to the new dreams of the man.


But this new dream I am living…I’ll be the first one to concede

has allowed me to float through a happy life…with everything  I need.


Which is why, after all these years…I seldom wear a frown…

because somehow, even though a different dream came true…

I’m still the richest man in town.

Room Upon My Knee

As I saw her on the stage, I smiled...

My mind drifted to when she was three

and we would read her favorite book

as she fell asleep upon my knee.


Now she’s grown and on her own.

Could I possibly have the year wrong?

Wasn’t it only yesterday?

Has it really been that long?


It was a bittersweet moment,

but I didn’t feel glum.

I sat there, marveling, 

proud and happy

at the woman she’s become.


Happy we’ve created old memories

I can now recollect,

and happy to create new memories

every time our journeys intersect. 


Proud and happy life has played out

the the way it’s supposed to be...

knowing her favorite book still sits on my shelf


and there’s always room upon my knee.

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