Like water flowing through our fingers,

When we try to grab it with our hands.

Like an escaped dream aimlessly floating,

When we try to catch it with our minds,

Like two flames dancing to dodge capture,

When we dare to risk to steal their light.

Like a lonely sunburst still keeps on travelling,

When we cannot see it in the night.


Let frost create ice from the water,

A dream asleep be reconsidered.

Let flames be tamed by our desire,

A sunburst missing us be mirrored.

As long as we cling to each other,

Then what we have will be conclusive.

In solid form it will come to us,

Our love will never be elusive.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

@2017, J.J., The Netherlands

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phantasmic love

Love, Romance

your eyes touch me like
the petals of a rose
upon my pillow,
soft against my fears.


your hesitance to apply
force upon my desires
melt my doubts,
and my breathing slows.


the gentleness of your smile
feels like a warm weighty blanket upon
my feet, secure and strong,
searching for too long.


the authenticity of your
kindness finds roots
in fertile soil on the
pastures of my soul.


the open door of your heart
becomes an entry towards intrigue
and inspiration returning
from many years lost.


in a place of pure nothingness
waters trickle, then flowing free,
my eyes touch you,
and i remember me.


3:23 AM 5/17/2013 ©

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