Donald Trump

Trump's Night Before Xmas


Twas the night before Xmas, it was quiet in town,

the guy in the White House, shut the government down.

It's all about funding his Mexican wall,

He seems to desire, an international brawl.


The troops still in Syria, they all soon be home,

Let's hope they don't have PTS Syndrome.

They went to dismantle, a faction of ISIS,

As soon as they leave, it'll trigger a crisis.


Back in D.C. things aren't any better,

Trump's cabinet keeps sending,  their "I quit" in a letter.

He fills the positions as fast as he can,

But the vacancies seem to disrupt his grand plan.


His lies soon caught up to him, we thought he went nuts.

Now he acts like a criminal, no ifs and or buts.

He'll tweet what he thinks, anytime of the day.

He just seems to forget that they DON'T go away.


The stocks soon went up,and he said "that's all me",

Then the market descended, blame the Fed he would plea.

He spun all his tales, tried to make us agree,

Immigration will ruin, our once great country.


We can't keep letting those foreigners enter,

no criminals. rapists, no political dissenter.

Just like my parents, they came here together,



He was sure he could govern, how hard could it be ?

Who else better suited, he said "Surely it's me".

The election was over, it seemed he had won.

His term's now half over, we will fix what he's done.


Twas the night before Xmas, and we hoped for the best.

the country's divided, the world is a mess.

Another two years, 'til the end of his reign,

then we can start to make America great again !!


Twas the night before Xmas. the season's begun.

The kids are asleep, Santa is done.

Not even the Donald can steal their delight, 

Merry Xmas to all, and to all a good night.

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"Our Donald's Hands"

Rex Songs' Remixes

by Rex Songs 

When the Donald said "make 'merica great again" 

We gave it right into the Donald's tiny hands 

To love our clueless leader is such a great demand 

Cuz we wonder 'bout the Donald's tiny hands 


When Kelly Anne says we have alternate facts

We shake our heads in shame and laugh behind her back 

Then she doubles down and defends his lack of tact 

Donald was a duck in' 43, but today he's just a quack 


We are not white supremacists 

We're all alt-right conspiracists 

And anti-science scientists 

Your loopy, duping nemesis

This redneck land is so dern good

We could not leave it if we could

Ya this redneck land is good

We'll fence it in, and we should

Build a wall across the border 

Have Mexico pay, create disorder 

Everyone of different skin 

Our Donald hands will not let in

To make our country grieve again 



Author's Notes/Comments: 


Loosely based on "Der Fuehrer's Face" by Oliver Wallace, made popular by Spike Jones in pop music and a Disney propaganda film starring Donald Duck

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"I've Gotta Hand it to Ya"

by Jeph Johnson 

It's amazing how 

many millions

of people's


can be on such tiny





Author's Notes/Comments: 


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"Give Donald Trump a Break!"

by Jeph Johnson 


Trump learned a new big word today: that "faux" meant fake or artificial. 


Unfortunately he still misspelled "paws" when buying the fake paws from the Russians bear paw store.  He bought them to hide the fact that he has small hands.  


This is why he makes so many mistakes. Give him a break!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

cringe! 2017 

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"Trump Camp Pain"

by Jeph Johnson

Undocumented Humpty Dumpties wait on one side of his wall

Asking Donald Trump for the grace to let them fall...

For those dirty tricks the welfare state plays on families every day.

Tax and spend and segregate; take your firearm freedoms away!

Make my 'Merica great again. Stand strong on religion and race,

So our cheeks may softly rest against a duel purpose pillowcase.

They immigrate one by one because they hate our way of life.

But God forbid, don't screen for guns, or they'll kill us with a knife!

Caucasian Christians must report our brown-skinned rapist neighbors.

These salacious stories are fun to distort 'cuz men with money get favors.

It's in the can, the election's rigged, no more need to fear.

You've found your man; he's privileged, and now ready to steer.

Rid regulations of Obama's tenure, for the Donald's now running the show.

We'll send Barrack back to Kenya and move on not needing to vote!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

for Donald Trump, 2016 

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"Serial Hopemongers"


by Jeph Johnson

The nightly news is so obscene;

everyone's different American dream.
The billionaires sleep all alone
in otherwise empty mansions of gold.
While our poor wander the streets and freeze;
their only prayer is saying "please."
And the shrinking middle class,
who barely survived the '08 crash
Cannot save, retire or stay afloat
when too many are packed in a sinking lifeboat.
If we take time off to go to the polls
our ever-increasing debt to them grows.
Those who profit from this greed
fight unfairly those in need,
Rigging elections and buying votes.
Donkeys and Elephants are sheep and goats.
M.L.K. dreamt everyone equal.
Lennon sang “power to the people”,
Both imagined a world without
that which divides, delusions and doubt.
’Murica believes (while the rest wait)
that greed brings joy, when it really brings hate.
The ruling rich in their regal gowns
gerrymander surrounding towns
So those without can worship those
parading themselves in gaudy new clothes.
This reality show is far from real,
yet televised in high-definition detail
Where’s our revolution? We furrow our brow
and wonder if we’re the crazy ones now!
Our nation can’t be "great again"
with vague soundbites that sound insane
Vile insults pollute our Mother Earth.
Is the love of money all we are worth?
Our immigrants can’t stake a claim
when we offer jobs in exchange for shame!
And the rest we’ll imprison by a wall?
Is there a future left to believe in at all?
We “look to our hearts” to find the source,
but without a leader to chart the course
All our amber waves of grain
will soon be harvested in vain.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

for Bernie Sanders, 2016 

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"If You're Not With Him, You're Against Those Who Are Against Him"

What It's Like to Hate Trump as a Cishet White Man

by Jeph Johnson


Spellbound my sanity spirals
While the world awaits
A man who's flaws are obvious
To divide the United States

My mentality a microcosm
Of this figurehead of state
Menancing those around me
Who won't partake in debate

But my motives are nontoxic
My disdain for him immense
Yet those who rail against him
Still won't come to my defense

That doesn't mean I'm spiteful
It just means I'm more on guard
Choosing foes more wisely
For the fights in which I spar

Author's Notes/Comments: 


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"Eve of Revolution"

Rex Songs' Remixes

by Jeph Johnson 


Our western world it is explodin',
Chaos ragin', democracy erodin',
You're old enough to know so why aren't you out votin'?
You don't believe in smog, but what's that joint you're tokin'?
And the men you elect have your privilege gloatin',

But you tell me over and over and over again my friend,
Ah, you don't believe we're on the eve of revolution.

Do you even get what this lunatic's sayin'?

He's got Christians sinnin' and atheists prayin'
For too long we've relied on this old boys club,
There'll be no one to love when push comes to shove,
Take a look around you now, It's gotta stop somehow,

But you tell me over and over and over again my friend,
Ah, you can't yet believe we're on the eve of revolution.

The hope Obama gave us now feels like an illusion,

The enemies we made are a forgone conclusion,
We can't win the war with Jong-un or Putin,
When emails on the server just ain't computin'
The Judges, Prez and Senators will all start colludin'
Attempts to rise up will be met with more shootin'
Instead of revolt we'll all resort to lootin'

And you tell me over and over and over again my friend,
Ah, you sorta think we're on the eve of revolution.

We worry of the hate that comes to us from ISIS

While poisoning our future with a Flint water crisis
Ah, you may be chill for a Netflix marathon,
But when we tune out our message is gone
The media moguls slap us square in the face,
Their big league money is always replaced
Blame their wand'ring lil hands on the thrill of the chase

So you tell me over and over and over and over again my friend,
Ah, you finally know we're on the eve of revolution!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

2016, based on "Eve of Destruction" by P. F. Sloan 

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