"Our Donald's Hands"

Rex Songs' Remixes

by Rex Songs 

When the Donald said "make 'merica great again" 

We gave it right into the Donald's tiny hands 

To love our clueless leader is such a great demand 

Cuz we wonder 'bout the Donald's tiny hands 


When Kelly Anne says we have alternate facts

We shake our heads in shame and laugh behind her back 

Then she doubles down and defends his lack of tact 

Donald was a duck in' 43, but today he's just a quack 


We are not white supremacists 

We're all alt-right conspiracists 

And anti-science scientists 

Your loopy, duping nemesis

This redneck land is so dern good

We could not leave it if we could

Ya this redneck land is good

We'll fence it in, and we should

Build a wall across the border 

Have Mexico pay, create disorder 

Everyone of different skin 

Our Donald hands will not let in

To make our country grieve again 



Author's Notes/Comments: 


Loosely based on "Der Fuehrer's Face" by Oliver Wallace, made popular by Spike Jones in pop music and a Disney propaganda film starring Donald Duck

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